Can editorial mishap ruin a book? Yes, even a small mistake!

With the rise of self-publishing models and authors willingly enjoying this new revolution in publishing sector, we, the critics, should be dealing with many occasions that bring to us semi-edited, poorly edited or even unedited manuscripts in spite of ‘several layers of editing’ promised by money-hungry self-publishing companies around the world – and this is… Continue reading

Dr Jasmin Johnson’s Her Passover discusses menopause through interesting stories

Indian English literature is not about the bestselling books only that enchant youngsters and provide them with momentary reading pleasure without dealing with the issues that are important and socially charged. It also connotes the authors who are there to take up issues that might not fetch large numbers in sales but provide the readers… Continue reading

Self-publishing should become transparent and minimum in terms of cost – Alok Mishra (founder – Self-publishing Network)

“Why at all do the publishers need to trap the authors into the web of data, confusions, metrics, updates in 3-6 months network? Self-publishing should be as easy as a b c and d. Also, the authors should be told in exact terms that Kindle publishing will fetch them more opportunities to sell more books… Continue reading

William Blake and the art of ‘making’ a book happen – from the archives of literature

How many of us know William Blake as a poet? Well, realistically, barring those who are from a literary background, seldom anyone knows the importance that William Blake had added to his existence as a poet. However, the few people who know William Blake must know him as a poet only. Nevertheless, there were many… Continue reading