Love reading Urdu shayaris? You will fall in love with Gautam Rajrishi’s works!

Though Gautam Rajrishi has been actively indulging in the field of writing, Hindi-Urdu contemporary literature, his fame as a contemporary shayar shot to fame after the publication of 2020 book, Neela Neela. Neela-Neela is a collection of shayaris and ghazals written in Hindi-Urdu. This is the third book by Gautam and second published collection of… Continue reading

Fiction from the glory – but a shift that takes glory to glamour and absurdity

Who will not like reading the wonderful story of Ramayana once again? Who won’t admire a recreation of the Arun Govil’s Ramayana with more effects and HD videography? What would be better than seeing Sri Krishna take on Kansa’s death-messengers with intricacies that would be fantastic with modern, state-of-the-art technology used in Bollywood? However, who… Continue reading

Moving for Moksha: Poetry Collection by Alok Mishra – Book Review

Indian English poetry has been moving in phases. However, no certain path has been there to be traced – the growth of Indian English poetry has been there without tags, classifications, collective ideological conscience or uniform idea. Nevertheless, there have been English poets in India who have done their best in bringing out their expressive… Continue reading