Janbaaz – an Audiobook by Gautam Rajrishi dawns on Storytel App (Hindi)

Gautam Rajrishi has made a name for himself among the lovers of Shayari, Hindi poetry and Urdu poetry as well as the lovers of literature in general. He does not only write well, he also narrates his poems and ghazals in a voice that adds charm to his overall impression and readers and listeners are growing day by day. Well, this is not an article about the wonderful literary persona that Gautam Rajrishi is. This is about a recent audiobook that Storytell has released – written by Gautam Rajrishi and narrated by Pankaj Kalra, Janbaaz – the story of Samar Pratap Singh, an officer in the Indian Army, brave and fearless.

Janbaaz has gathered quite well response from the readers who prefer or simply like listening to audiobooks as well. You will find a story about terrorism and also about the personal emotions of the protagonist as well. This release by Gautam Rajrishi also indicates a paradigm shift in the world of Hindi literature. Readers as well as authors are looking very enthusiastically at the dawn of audiobooks and prefer it more compared to paperback books. Before this release, Gautam has three books to his name and all of them were bestsellers among the lovers of Hindi and Urdu literature.

Coming to this story, Samar Pratap Singh gets intel that a few terrorists are hidden in a small village in J & K and, as per his reputation, he plots a plan of action to nab those terrorists with a few of his very trusted companions. However, on the contrary to their opinion, Samar and his team get wounded badly… will they succeed in getting those terrorists and safeguarding the civilians? What are the terrorists plotting? Gautam has written a book on the Indian Army previously and that was titled Hari Muskurahaton Wala Collage. However, that was a collection of short stories. Janbaaz is an audiobook that has seven episodes and it has already impressed many listeners. Are you ready for your share of entertainment and excitement?

Getting into the age of audiobooks was rather a new experience for me recently but I did like listening to many of them. This story about Samar Pratap Singh, wonderfully written and equally wonderfully narrated, kept me curious and indulged till the last. And I am sure many will like it as I did.

You can listen to all the episodes of Janbaaz by getting the Storytel app or visiting the website below:



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