Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral - Review
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Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral – Review

Greed Lust Addiction, along with the Hindi version, Lalach Vasna Lat, has been written by Ravi Dabral – an author with Indian roots who lives in Singapore and is a commodity trader by profession. His novel has been very popular among the youths as well as the persons who are working and well-settled. Though the theme of the novel by Ravi isn’t that simple and youth-friendly to an extent, yet, his novel talks about the issues that are related to common human beings in every way. We all lead our lives in a common society where things like corruption, greed, crime, politics, police and social issues matter a lot. Greed Lust Addiction deals with these issues very openly and tries to establish that we all must be vigilant when it comes to getting something better out of the society we live in. Read more

Elephants in the Room - Book Review
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Elephants in the Room – Book Review

Suraj Laxminarayanan’s debut novel Elephants in the Room is about ambition, fate, violence, cold-blooded murders, escapades and a sensational experience of reading a crime thriller and you certainly cannot miss a page if you begin reading it. It builds up a little slow but once it catches the momentum, you won’t be able to stop yourself from asking – so, what’s next? Elephants in the Room is a brave attempt at modern crime thriller fiction and Suraj has succeeded to a great extent. More or less, it’s like a crime movie which you can imagine happening as you read the novel. Read more

If I am Born Again, Lord Please - book review
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If I am Born Again, Lord Please – book review

If I am born again, Lord Please… this is a collection of poems which are not simply poetic expressions but a moving story in verse… the poet who composed the collection’s poems, Shopone, has tried to put out the story of an old affair – his love with an unnamed girl who used to be his teenage dream and thereafter, a ‘someone’ who gave her ‘something’ for an eternal phase of time and that’s how this collection happened to exist. Mark it, Shopone is the pseudonym of the author as he intends to keep his real name behind the curtain for some reasons. If I am born again, Lord Please… as the title suggests, is about the plea of the poet regarding his life and a wish, if he could be born again…

Lost love or a love one-sided often ends with agony and rarely ends with a realisation that all is but one and nothing and that nothingness procures a sense of completion for the people. This collection of poems is almost the same thing. Shopone writes, through his poems, about his feelings for ‘her’ and how he continued to love her even after she went with someone else (after marriage) and so on… the constant lover in the poet always longed for the sight so pleasant. However, with the passage of time, the poet walks through different phases of life and he learns various new things.

In the synopsis, that can be found in the very beginning of the collection, the poet briefs the readers about the composition of these revealing poems. He tells us that these poems have been composed after he, someday, sees his ‘ex-flame’ and enters into a fanciful world of romance with her once again. In the very romantic world, he seeks to find what he has been seeking for so long now. He tries to find solace by creating his belief systems and subsequently understanding the truths and lies that we live with.

The poems are long. The poems are simple in tone and nature so that the main story can come to the fore rather conveniently. Moreover, the poet has tried his best to let the poems have a symmetry about them and that worked as well. There are seven poems in the collection and all of them are prolonged to contain the story being told – a love story which will be very interesting to read.

So, are you ready for a poetry evening? Are you ready for an evening which is made curious with an anticipation for what’s about to come? Shopone’s collection, If I am born again, Lord Please… will be an amazing read for the readers who love poetry as well as romantic stories. You can get it by visiting the Amazon link below:

Get Shopone’s poetry collection – click here to buy

review by Rahul for Intellectual Reader

A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh - Review
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A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh – Review

Book: A Thousand Seeds of Joy
Author: Ananda Karunesh
Publisher: The Write Place
Year: 2018
Pages: 370
Genre: Spiritual, Self-help, Neo-Religious
Intellectual Rating: 4.5/5

Rigorous reading takes a person to some conclusions which can seldom be drawn of casual reading. However, let us be clear that some books are meant for every kind of readers – the casual ones as well as the critical ones. One such book which is getting very popular these days is Ananda Karunesh’s debut title A Thousand Seeds of Joy. This is something which cannot be labelled as a spiritual or a religious book alone. Undoubtedly, there is a conversation in the book which involves human being and divine beings; however, still, the book does not qualify for any specific genre because it has a multitude of rational, religious, spiritual and even scientific inferences about it. So, what’s a general overview of this book? How would I rate A Thousand Seeds of Joy as an intellectual reader? Let’s see. Read more

Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia - Review
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Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Review

Well, the readers must have been waiting for something new from us because it took a long pause. We are also excited to bring to you the review of one of the latest books which has been creating a buzz in the literary world. Today, our reviewer Rajesh will review Indicting Goliath for you all. This is the very first book by Lal Bhatia, a corporate profile by profession. Indicting Goliath is an autobiography which depicts only a portion of Lal Bhatia’s life – the life that he spent in the USA – as a US citizen and a person who has suffered in the hands of the US authorities, namely FBI and Department of Justice. So, Indicting Goliath is a realistic work of literature. You also get to know the evidence on which the book’s major premise is based – was Lal Bhatia guilty? Read more

American Maharajah - book review
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American Maharajah – book review

Mark Stephen Levy has been a regular tourist to India and he has written a novel in the past as well. However, his latest novel, American Maharajah, comes with a surprise element and a beautiful story – an American man visits India (though he is already a native Indian) and discovers strange facts about his identical – Amar, a person who has already been dead. His second visit to India to rediscover things about his birth makes thing so complicated before the ultimate truth is dug out – he remains in India – over! However, this novel isn’t as simple as I have narrated the story here. Once you start reading and get into the context of the text, you will be elated, for sure. Let’s slip into the intellectual review of American Maharajah now. Read more

Little Maryam - book review
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Little Maryam – book review

Little Maryam is the debut novel by an emerging novelist based in New Delhi, Hamid Baig. The novel was launched on 26 January 2018 and since the launch, it has been, for a long time, on the list of Amazon bestsellers and has sold many copies. Today, I will be writing a review of this novel for the regular readers of this platform, Intellectual Reader. As our common practice is, we don’t get into the details of the story or the content of the book we review. We just try to get the essential things out from the piece of literature we review and present it to the readers with pros and cons (if there and significant enough to be told). So, here is my review of Little Maryam by Hamid Baig. Read more

The Faber Book of Modern Verse - review
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The Faber Book of Modern Verse – review

The Faber Book of Modern Verse is a collection of poems by various poets who wrote mainly in the twentieth century. Except for the account of G M Hopkins, whose verse was mainly reproduced and printed only in the 20th century and after his death. Other than him, all the poets whose works have been included in this modern poetry collection were producing poems mainly in the twentieth century. The collection was edited by Michael Roberts, a poet and critic himself and his choices have been superb – giving us a genuine glimpse of the 20th-century poetry.  Read more

The Hungry Tide - book review
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The Hungry Tide – book review

The Hungry Tide is a literary fiction written by a contemporary great in Indian English Literature, Amitav Ghosh and the novel was published in the year 2004 when 21st century was still learning how to walk properly and how to talk well. This novel, since its publication, has been near the centre of the academic debates and discussions and also the curriculum designs. The Hungry Tide is liked by the readers who read it and appreciated by the readers who never read it but want to read it. However, by the readers who have read other contemporary novels along with The Hungry Tide, this novel is used as a benchmark to judge Indian English fiction by the writers contemporary in the 21st century. And guess what? You will be surprised to know that the standards of fiction set by Ghosh is never touched by most of the commercial authors today. Read more

A Passage to India - review
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A Passage to India – review

A Passage to India is a 1924 novel written by E. M. Forster who is known for her novels and their psychological ambit. However, the novel A Passage to India had drawn the initial responses more in the terms of criticism and less in the column of appreciation. It has been argued that the work is a clear misjudgment of the Indians by the author and that’s why he has portrayed the characters of British in such a way that they look utterly harsh and miscalculated towards the Indian characters and especially Dr. Aziz. Read more