Ponder Awhile by Mohit Misra – Book Review

Poetry is not limited to lyrical, rhyming and musical words coming together to form something one can comprehend, enjoy and be amused by. At times, poets have tried different to achieve the desired effect – compel readers to think something or ask questions they otherwise ignore. Mohit Misra has come up with something similar. His poetry collection Ponder Awhile, though published many years ago, reverberates the existential questions, shares the important lessons one learns in life, and also extends a helping hand in realising and recognising the opportunities we must celebrate by coming together. To say the least, this unconventional poetry collection offers many things to the readers.

As you begin reading the book, there are very few things that strike instantly. Poems are casual and instant. However, as you keep going by giving the poet a little time to work and impress, there are signs – meanings and interpretations that might lead one into believing that the poet is discussing awareness, intellectual insight and realisation of extremely important truths. However, all this is once the reader begins to see through the apparent layer of poetry written by Mohit Misra in his book. If you keep wondering and wandering looking for the art of poetry, you might miss the substance of the poetry collection. These poems are meant to be enjoyed at best and then interpreted according to the facts that the poet has suggested in the preface… as if the poet invites interpretation in a certain direction.

Well, to be honest, I might not have approved a few poems based on what I have read. The poems are rhyming lines featuring general truths that we all think but never care to learn, understand or ponder. At times, the poems contain miraculous realisations, shared in direct conversation by the poet. Those are the times when you may realise that poems in the collection might have something if you care to find by giving the poetry collection a relaxed reading session. I tried and I enjoyed it. I also came across a few flashes of spark in many poems that deal with an existential crisis, faith, religious beliefs, messages from ancient wisdom (scriptures and literature) and just the present analysis of things as they are.

Ponder Awhile is not an orthodox poetry collection. It is by someone who is not a professional poet or at least at the time of publishing this book. Mohit Misra wanted to share his inner feelings, realisations and acquisitions as he sailed, lived, shared and learned. The poems are mediums to express his opinions and ideas. Many hit and a few just go off track as readers may miss the hidden messages. However, reading this collection will certainly inspire readers to think about many aspects of life the poet has tried to highlight. At times, you might feel unsettled by a sudden truth that comes suddenly, flying to you from nowhere! At times, you may feel like missing simple, joyous and incredible moments that you can share with friends and loved ones might be a mistake as life is unpredictable and death, the ultimate truth, can come from any direction. This book is about realising and understanding. This one is about pondering!

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Review by Adarsh for Intellectual Reader

Ponder Awhile by Mohit Misra – Book Review
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Ponder Awhile by Mohit Misra is an unconventional poetry collection that brings many things to the table – questions, answers and sparks of random flashpoints in life when we realise things are beyond human control, at times.

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