Goodreads & Free books - the giveaways!
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Goodreads & Free books – the giveaways!

Reading books has always been a favourite time pass for people in India as well as anywhere. However, books have many qualities and standards and choosing books might be difficult at times – so, how smart are you? Intellectual Reader has come with an idea – how to get free books in India? We will tell you that and you can certainly get free books in easy steps. Moreover, we will also tell you that you can use Goodreads, in smart ways, for many other things than just reviewing and finding books to read. So, let’s get going! Here we begin. Read more

Is there a career in reading books?
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Is there a career in reading books?

Can book reading be a career? Yes, it sounds ridiculous and absurd as we all make our careers mostly by reading the books. Exceptions are only in the form of Sachin, Messi, Ronaldo and others who did not have to read a lot of books. However, many made their careers by writing books on these personalities. So, for commoners like us, can book reading be a career option? If yes, is it a wise choice to make? The question is really tough and the answers are many but essentially come to conclude yes or no – only one word! Read more

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter - a successful debut book!
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The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter – a successful debut book!

Shilpa Raj’s debut book, a memoir, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter has been released in India and overseas as well and the book has been receiving a wide and tall success across the regions. Readers are praising the book for the content that is on offer and critics are praising the book for the vision with which Shilpa Raj has written it. Not to forget, this is just her debut book and it has the maturity (yes, we read the book a month ago) to get the attention of the book critics. Shilpa has dealt with her personal life but the general opinion about the book has come out in a different colour. People are saying that the book is about the lives of millions of children who are poor and deprived of opportunities and resources just after their birth only because they are born in a poor family. And we found the same notion being true about The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter! Read more