Goodreads & Free books – the giveaways!

Reading books has always been a favourite time pass for people in India as well as anywhere. However, books have many qualities and standards and choosing books might be difficult at times – so, how smart are you? Intellectual Reader has come with an idea – how to get free books in India? We will tell you that and you can certainly get free books in easy steps. Moreover, we will also tell you that you can use Goodreads, in smart ways, for many other things than just reviewing and finding books to read. So, let’s get going! Here we begin.

Have you ever wondered about the users on Goodreads? There are the authors and there are the readers; we can see there are two kinds of users on Goodreads. If you follow authors on Goodreads, you might get lucky with the giveaways that are running most of the times. You will also get to know about their schedules, their interests and plans via blog posts and updates.

Let’s understand the process of getting free books through an example. Suppose a reader wants to buy a book on the popular topic how to study poetry. He searches the internet and finds many titles listed on Amazon. Many books among the listed ones offer a deep insight on the study of poetry and they are really good. Which one will the guy buy? Certainly, the one with the best reviews and ratings. Now, what if you can get a book for free? Just go to ‘Get free books in India‘ and look for the title you might be needing. If you find that listed there on the website, you can get that absolutely free!

Moreover, you can also sign up on the website and get regular updates on when new books are added. Most of the books on Free Paperbacks India are for free and you can directly get them from Amazon. As soon as you make the purchase from Amazon, you will get the cash back in your desired account by your desired means. In India, Paytm, PhonePe and GooglePay are doing great these days. You can also get cash back, full 100%, and sometimes more as well, by UPI by BHIM.

So, you must have noticed that you can either get free books by giveaways on Goodreads or by visiting the website we mentioned. Whiles giveaways are not so frequent, you can always get free books on the platform we just listed. Free Paperbacks India works closely with the authors who trust the platform for organising their giveaways and getting new readers. All the best!

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