Review Policies

Intellectual Reader strictly follows the review policies which are made by the team. We are surely enthusiastic to read the books by the authors who wish to get their books reviewed. However, we have put certain terms and conditions too. Therefore, we request the authors to read the following carefully and then write to us with their interest.

* We are straightforward reviewers. If a book has some merit, we will praise it. If a book has some fault lines, we will bring them to the light. We don’t write our reviews in a promotional lexicon. We keep it simple and easy for the comprehension of our readers.

* Our reviews are not free! Yes, we do charge a reading fee because we also need money to keep the website going. And we don’t run advertisements on our website because it will ruin the read-worthiness of the website. Therefore, we charge the Indian authors a reading a fee of 2,200 Rs and the reading fee for foreign authors are $35. Because we take a reading fee, our response time for the reviews are fast and we review a book being paid for within 4 days from the day we receive the book.

* We provide our opinions about a book we read without any hesitation. Therefore, authors must expect that there are certain things which we will like and there might be certain things which we don’t like in a book. And we will write about the same without looking for pedantic metaphors for the simple words.

* If we like a book and find it really good, we will invite the author for an interview and publish the same on our website.


So, dear authors, these are the policies on which we run. If you find the same up to your mark, do write to us at [email protected] and we will get back to you very shortly.