About Us

Intellectual Reader, in short, you can say, is a movement by a group of readers which wants to convey to the fellow readers certain thoughts about the books being read. We give the greatest priority, on any of our schedules and to-d0 lists, to reading and that’s why we read books in plenty and our target is finishing at least 2 books per week. And we wish to continue the same as we have already been doing in the past.  We have been reading for a long time but we did not care to be online to spread our thoughts on what we have been reading and now, as we know that web is a part of the daily life, we have decided to come online. Intellectual Reader website is, therefore, live now!

We do book reviews. We write about literature in general. We update our readers about some news of literary interest. We also write about books which are coming and might interest the readers and so we do about the upcoming authors. We also publish author interviews occasionally.

If you are an author and you are looking to get your book reviewed by us, you should read our review policies first and contact us from there. Link: Review Policies: Intellectual Reader