Is there a career in reading books?

Can book reading be a career? Yes, it sounds ridiculous and absurd as we all make our careers mostly by reading the books. Exceptions are only in the form of Sachin, Messi, Ronaldo and others who did not have to read a lot of books. However, many made their careers by writing books on these personalities. So, for commoners like us, can book reading be a career option? If yes, is it a wise choice to make? The question is really tough and the answers are many but essentially come to conclude yes or no – only one word!

Book critics have always been there and it’s not a new subject for the people. Book critics are different from the casual readers who read the book for their leisure and pleasure. As a general reader, you will enjoy a collection of poetry by a contemporary poet or just dislike it. As a book critic or book reviewer, in simple terms, you will have to analyse the collection of poems rather carefully. You will have to find the peaks and the plains in the poems and conclude whether the poet can be made to stand alongside the ones who have been doing this for long or he or she will have to wait for sometimes and produce more quality poems… so, in plain words, a book reviewer has the responsibility that has to be carried out!

If you think that you have the patience, a careful pair of eyes to discern the ordinary among the specials and vice versa, and the most important, if you don’t get bored reading the book critic career is for you. You can join either any publishing company or start your own venture and begin doing book reviews. In the beginning, if you begin independently, you cannot make money. However, with experience and with time and with the number of books you read and review, you might start making money. Many of the top book reviewers in India make money as well as gain respect for their work. Always remember to be honest and to be upright in the work you do and then the book review career will bring you everything you think…

This was our short piece or an advice to all the readers of Intellectual Reader who write to us to become book reviewers. You can also start working for some digital PR agencies and you might get the luck to write book reviews for money. It would be very good for you if you can find book pr companies in India to begin your career… that will have you ready for a career precisely in the direction you want to further. All the best guys! Keep reading!

by Sujit for Intellectual Reader

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