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Often, before reading our favourite books or the new books, we try to make a list which contains the names of all the books we are eying. This month, we are also creating a list of books we will be reviewing this month and the next. Moreover, this list can also serve the readers who want to read something new and unique this month or any time. So, without wasting our time, let’s start the game. And do remember that you can always write to us if you want to write for Intellectual Reader.

Making a Poem by Vihang Naik: This is a poetry collection by one of the most-noted English poets in India, Vihang Naik. One of our reviewers will be reviewing the poetry collection for Intellectual Reader very soon. This collection contains 25 of Vihang’s poems and all of them are short in length but very precise in the content. Most of the poems express vivid emotions related to poetry, poets and general musing. You will find more in our review.

A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco: Well, this debut novel by Merlin Franco can be termed as a social satire or more precisely, a domestic satire. This novel covers a marriage which aspires to be dowryless but turns out to be boneless. You cannot blame the guy and neither can you blame the girl. A very lively, comic novel we will be trying in the coming days. Hope you will like the review as well as the book.

How It Is by Samuel Beckett: “past moments old dreams back again” Well, we are certainly pushing someone into this mess that Samuel Beckett had created for his readers… a novel which does not have anything to tell to the readers and a novel which throws a massive challenge towards the readers to quantify, qualify and bring about what could be deciphered from mere stack of sentences which do not begin, do not pause and do not end. Have you read a novel like this? We will tell you how does it feel!

A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh: Well, this is also on our list. A spiritual book with very different sides to offer… the author believes in making ‘supernatural’ accessible to all. He talks to the Goddesses and asks questions of them. They answer and he writes a book… seems different? Well, we will be telling you how does the book go with us. Wait for our review of this amazing-seeming book by Ananda Ji.

Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia: Do you know Lal Bhatia by now? He was a prominent US citizen a few years back and now, he has been sent out of the US just because he tried to fight against the unholy nexus of a few prominent citizens, a few corrupt people in FBI and a few of them in the Justice Department. In this book, Mr Bhatia tries to expose the billion dollar money laundering scam and also his suffering in the prison without any crime. We will bring the details and the review to you.

So, guys, these books will be our key titles for the month and we will see what else our members can bring to you. Keep an eye on Intellectual Reader website for more updates and more book reviews.

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