Dr Jasmin Johnson’s Her Passover discusses menopause through interesting stories

Indian English literature is not about the bestselling books only that enchant youngsters and provide them with momentary reading pleasure without dealing with the issues that are important and socially charged. It also connotes the authors who are there to take up issues that might not fetch large numbers in sales but provide the readers with content that bring essential information about the things that need to be discussed. Dr Jasmin Johnson’s book on menopause is an example of this kind of literature. Her Passover: Story of Menopause, Anger & Love is a book of its kind. It mixes a very personal but important issue related to women with general storytelling and fictionalises a very needed-to-be-discussed subject in the form of stories that the readers will find interesting, useful and informative. Basically, a love story that has been designed to take up the issues related to menopause many women will find interesting, informative and supportive as well.

Her Passover Jasmin Johnson

Dr Jasmin’s book has garnered appreciation not only from women but also men who have read the book and this is what the author also feels. She does not restrict her book within the confinements of a selective readership. She wants women, men, young, old and everyone to read this book so that menopause can be understood at its core. What does it do? How can women support themselves during the phase of this transition? What opportunities does it bring in their lives? What restrictions it is supposed to bring with it? And many more.

Her Passover is based on an interesting love story and the leading character, Prachi, brings to light many things associated with menopause through her actions, conversations and other acts. This book will provide the readers with many pieces of vital information that they need in order to understand the issue comprehensively and also learn how can one support herself during such a phase in life and how can others around a woman support her manage the emotional, physical and mental transition that menopause brings with itself.

“Well researched medical information, remedies, social perspectives, traditions, and rituals will enlighten and empower women to embrace the journey with awareness and preparedness.”

Thus reads the information about this book on a website. In the form of several stories about women who have been through this phase, Her Passover intends to make people aware of menopause and all that it brings in the lives of women and how they can come over it with the support of others around them.

On a critical note, the books like these are the demand of the time and readers will find such a change very welcoming. While fiction can be entertaining and it has to be, such attempts make the lives of many people easy as fiction books can take up issues that we seldom discuss in public life. Dr Jasmin Johnson is a doctor and her credential gives the book a much-needed authority and trust. A doctor and a woman can understand the issue better than simply an author can do. So, if you want to understand the subject, you can get a copy in physical or Kindle format from Amazon India.

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