How Leaders Decide: Tackling biases and risks in decision-making by Harjeet Khanduja – Book Review

Business books are helpful only if you are interested, engaged and enjoying your occupation in the corporate sector. By luck, if you are a successful entrepreneur already, business books can help you a lot in getting better. Yes, books do help you master your profession, sports, style, and anything else. For those who are in commanding positions in their companies, businesses or start-ups, decision-making is a very important aspect. Decisions make a company grow or shrink. Decisions are the reason Apple and Google are the leaders in many sectors. Decisions are the reason Nokia is no more visible in the mobile phone market. And all these aspects are being decoded by one of the leading personalities in the contemporary Indian telecom industry, Harjeet Khanduja – the vice president of Human Resources, Reliance Jio. His book How Leaders Decide: Tackling biases and risks in decision-making discusses organisational decision-making and its various aspects that will benefit the readers.

Once you start reading the book by Harjeet Khanduja, you will see the first things first – appreciation of the book by many people who have read it. And these people are not ordinary readers as we are. These readers who have appreciated the book are working as top professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders of the leading businesses in the country, including Harsh Goenka. And when they speak about a book with an appreciative tone, it must be useful, beneficial and read-worthy. So, my interest in the book further increased after seeing the first few pages and I hope it remains the same with many others.

The book has 25 chapters, well-planned, well-ordered, and well-written, on organisational decision-making, its introduction, its types and kinds, its ramifications, its barriers and hindrances, how to overcome these biases and risks involved in organisational decision-making, and the execution of the decisions made. The book’s content is truly impressive. It comes loaded with information, data, analysis of the rules and policies, definitions of the terms associated with decision-making, applications in real life, historical and concurrent examples that make things easy to understand… and so on. In short, the content is too good to be academic and only meant for professionals. Anyone who wants to understand decision-making can go through the book and get a good idea, conveniently without being an expert.

Why is the book so convenient to read, so easy to understand, so aptly presenting the examples, and so relevant to contemporary readers? There might be many reasons that we can ponder and conjecture. However, what I think is the most affordable cause of the book’s qualities, according to me (reiterating once again). It is the expertise of the author. Harjeet Khanduja, other than being a poet, author, speaker and influencer, is also a seasoned corporate employee who has decades of experience working with the leading companies in India in various sectors. The author has worked with different people and in different environments to sustain different styles of leadership. That’s why his knowledge in various decision-making environments is unmatchable and Harjeet is able to transfer the same to his readers by adopting a simple approach. It comes to him naturally and he is able to share the same even more naturally. What do you guys think? Well, you should read the book and then only you will understand how comfortably the author has been able to make the readers understand the complex aspects of various decision-making options.

To conclude this review, I will recommend How Leaders Decide to all management students, entrepreneurship students, start-up enthusiasts and then anyone who is interested in the topic. Yes, it is not for general readers because it deals with a subject strictly. However, out of curiosity, if anyone wants to understand it, can surely read it. You can get a copy from Amazon India and read the book today! All the best!

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Review by Abhinandan for Intellectual Reader


How Leaders Decide: Tackling biases and risks in decision-making by Harjeet Khanduja – Book Review
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How Leaders Decide: Tackling biases and risks in decision-making by Harjeet Khanduja is a well-written, helpful and informative book for those who wish to be the leaders of tomorrow in corporates. A must-read on decision-making!

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