On Living and Dying by J Krishnamurti – Book Review

“But you see, most of us don’t want to die, because we are content with our living. And our living is very ugly; it is mean, envious, a constant strife.”

This is what you find in the fourth paragraph, page number 105 of this book, On Living and Dying, by J Krishnamurti. Whatever this philosopher, the Guru, says here, mostly, reflects very well with most of the readers because, at this or that corner, we are all aware how cruel the life is – we have to do all sort of things just to keep our vessel afloat and we, at times, do ensure that the vessel of someone else, who is encroaching our ‘peace’ must sink. Is this the life we live? Is it all about letting others sink or even drowning someone to stand upon the carcass and rise?

In this book, a very disturbing one for the common minds, J Krishnamurti has raised many serious, compelling and highly impactful points about our life. In a way, he has almost gone to praise death and curse life for many reasons that you will find in the course of this book as you begin reading it. This is primarily a collection of thoughts and random talks that the author has delivered on various occasions and at various places – India, USA, UK etc.

Death, in this thought-provoking book, has been admired as an end to all the attachments that we grow during our life. Attachment to one’s name, fame, honour, relationships, enjoyments of life etc. Krishnamurti says that we must end these attachments if we want to experience life and death together – in this very lifetime. And when one can experience life and death every day, every night and constantly, there is no fear of death!

J Krishnamurti goes on praising love – love as a panacea to the problems that we have been suffering in our lives. However, can everyone love? J K says no! Not everyone can understand what love is. He adds:

“And you cannot love without dying every day to your memory.” 

He further adds:

“Only the mind that has understood time, that has ended sorrow, that has no fear – only such a mind knows what death is. And therefore, for such a mind there is life.”

J K makes clear distinctions in his book. He rates it high to realise death within the lifetime compared to living with attachments and keeping oneself confused. And therefore, the ones who have been given away to various attachments, and all of us fall in the same category, might find the revelations in this book baffling, frightening and confusing as well. However, with time, the readers who are open to new learnings in life, will find the book a reality mirror, a thought-initiator and maybe a timely reminder as well – most of the things are impermanent.

I will recommend this book to most of the readers who are willing to read something philosophical, realistic and almost spiritual but with practical aspects that are not beyond common understanding. Get a copy from Amazon right now by clicking the link below:

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Review by Samridhi for Intellectual Reader

On Living and Dying by J Krishnamurti – Book Review
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On Living and Dying by J Krishnamurti is a philosophical book that shakes your mind… reminding you about the idiocy of thinking one is immortal or death can be defied.

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