The Memoirs of a Nobody by P Sam – Book Review

The Memoirs of a Nobody is a novel with a two-layered narrative which has been published recently. This work of fiction is written by a new entrant in the field of Indian English literature, P. Sam. When I read the blurb, I was instantly absorbed. My thoughts were invested in imagining what might be the scenario… however, as I started reading the book, imagination met reality and in front of me, there was a peculiar attempt by a new author. I will share my review of the same in this article and also comment upon emerging trends, that this novel indicates, in Indian English fiction.

The novel opens with a strange first-person narrative and it does not take a genius to learn that a very young girl is sharing her opinions about events in a kick-boxing class. However, the second part of the same chapter makes things very clear. Aarav is reading the same diary which was being told about on the book’s blurb, rather a book which is not in a good condition to be deciphered very clearly. However, there are ‘readable entries’ and the same is being read by the third major character in the novel, Aarav, a person who comes to spend a family vacation with his family.

The novel’s major chunk is invested in the readable entries in a diary format. These entries give hint about a girl growing up and becoming mature with every entry she makes in her diary. Her name is Ambi and she is the protagonist in this first-person story. An animated character who can be said to have many facets in her personality and she discovers the same one by one, eventually as she grows up and assumes new roles and responsibilities.

The second major character in the book does not find a very large share of space in the novel. However, earlier, he is introduced to the readers as a Tabla Guy or TG or T.G. He vanishes after mysterious circumstances and reappears only to encounter Ambi at her workplace, as a co-worker. Gradually, things cool down and a romantic (we can say) chemistry between these characters appear to be formed. However, we can only know these things either by the diary entries or by the interpretations of Aarav. Readers can also form their own opinions as they get to know more and more about this relationship.

Moving towards the conclusion of this novel, readers will be introduced to a very fast, and also unfortunate, incident that shatters many assumptions… however, the novel successfully pulls the readers into a zone where we are left wanting for more… The Memoirs of a Nobody deserves a second part as promised by the author because a simple love story has been portrayed with subtle details of emotional and thoughtful interactions, various opinions by the central protagonists and also some views by the author which are concealed as the opinions of the characters are interesting enough to get the readers involved in the story. So, a love story with many facets… or a hybrid romance or a contemporary novel or even a coming of age fiction because the novel is centred around one character… I can call it by many names.

If you are gearing up to read something interesting and more than romance, you may get a copy and start reading soon. You can buy the same from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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I have rated it high for original thinking, innovative style of narrative and free expression of thoughts without any attempts to conceal those.

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The Memoirs of a Nobody by P Sam – Book Review
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The Memoirs of a Nobody by P Sam is a novel that may give you many things to remember… a novel with many layers of emotions, thoughts and two-layered narrative will keep you indulged.

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