Ashwin Sanghi – why doesn’t he sell as much as Chetan Bhagat? An inquiry

It is no rocket science for the readers to decide whom to read and whom to ignore. However, it does require a little research, awareness and a sense of literary aesthetics when it comes to selecting the best novels to read from a list of many novels by many popular novelists. And therefore, young readers often find themselves confused about reading poets, authors and novelists when there is a list of many of them… all famous, all bestselling… And one such example is Ashwin Sanghi. He is among the bestselling novelists of the modern era. However, he is not selling as many as sold by Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi. And, ironically, he writes the best of the novels among these novelists. Why so? Why doesn’t he sell as much as these novelists?

Ashwin Sanghi has written many novels and all of them have become bestsellers in India and other countries as well. However, his novels could not fetch the number of sales that can compare to Chetan or even Ravinder Singh for that matter. Why is the case like this? Does it have to do something with the merit of the novelist? Does it have to do something with the quality of the novels? On both these benchmarks, you will find Mr Sanghi excelling any day. In fact, if you go by the merits and quality of the content, Ashwin Sanghi is by far the best novelist in India who can wonderfully create an amalgam of popular fiction and sensible aesthetics. However, he is not as popular as Chetan or even Durjoy Datta. Alas!

In India, popularity weds only the novels which are either sensual, mediocre or controversial. Chetan Bhagat enjoys the first two and Durjoy Datta also enjoys the first two among these three. Sanghi doesn’t have the luxury of any of these among the three must-have qualities and that is why he is respected by the readers who are not sentimental to swing by the blow of the wind… however, he could not penetrate the circles of the readers who are into reading anything that is supposedly popular. And that’s why he could not ever sell in lucrative numbers and his novels could not make it to the list of the novels which are popular in the teenagers’ classes or young couple’s romantic dates. Well, I am sure that Ashwin might be wearing these ailments as a badge of honour and that’s why he can garner words of appreciation from seniors like Tharoor and many traditional critics and co-authors.

Have you read his novels? You should find these works highly entertaining as well as meaningful if you care to read page by page… and believe me, you will not be bored any minute!


Written by Manish for Intellectual Reader

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