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Uske Hisse Ka Pyar - review
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Uske Hisse Ka Pyar – review

Uske Hisse Ka Pyar by Ashish Dalal is the debut short story collection by him. Before this, the author has been writing literary features for the newspapers in Hindi and popular Hindi magazines and his creative works (in prose and poetry genre) have been appreciated by the readers as well as the critics known in the field of Hindi literature. Ashish Dalal, in his very debut work, has impressed the readers with his literary vision and plot construction. His short stories fall short to almost nothing and he has been successful in telling the tales of a modern world in a very crafty manner. He does not only impress the readers with his storytelling but also inspires them (or rather pushes them) to read the stories in a continuation. And here, the author has won! Read more

Bleeding Queens
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Bleeding Queens

Bleeding Queens is a book by Palak Kundra which is written as a tribute to Nirbhaya and all other women who have faced the heinous crime called rape. However, the book does not only intellectualise the arguments and try to find any amicable solutions. Palak Kundra, the author and a fiery women activist as well, has different plans and entirely different opinions to offer in her debut novel. And what has she done? To reach the maximum, she has written her book in Hindi! Let’s find out whether Palak Kundra’s Bleeding Queens stands on the claim of being a bold narrative against women crimes! Read more

With You; Without You
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With You; Without You

Prabhat Ranjan, as an author, has just made his debut with the release of his novel With You; Without You. The novel, though the title is surely English, is a Hindi fiction which revolves around a love triangle comprising of the three important characters in his book, Nishind, Rami and Aditya. With You; Without You is written in a first-person narrative and Prabhat Ranjan has used Nishind as his mouthpiece in the fiction. Nishind narrates the story for the readers and also puts forward the important ‘verdicts’ on society and modern human life. For the readers, the novel won’t bore them but at times, the pace of the fiction becomes slaggy and slow. It just drags towards the development but it happens only at rare occasions and so, the fiction is remarkably safe and sound to be consumed! Read more

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter - a successful debut book!
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The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter – a successful debut book!

Shilpa Raj’s debut book, a memoir, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter has been released in India and overseas as well and the book has been receiving a wide and tall success across the regions. Readers are praising the book for the content that is on offer and critics are praising the book for the vision with which Shilpa Raj has written it. Not to forget, this is just her debut book and it has the maturity (yes, we read the book a month ago) to get the attention of the book critics. Shilpa has dealt with her personal life but the general opinion about the book has come out in a different colour. People are saying that the book is about the lives of millions of children who are poor and deprived of opportunities and resources just after their birth only because they are born in a poor family. And we found the same notion being true about The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter! Read more

An Apology for Shakespeare
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An Apology for Shakespeare

I have been reading poetry since the time I started liking it and it was about the time when I was studying in my intermediate years. I have been reading the poems by the greats and giants of English literature and the same with Hindi and Sanskrit. Though I do like innovative poetry and had my chances when I got to read a few of the poets of the modern times who have been innovating with poetry, recent experience with S A Joseph’s An Apology for Shakespeare was momentous and I have to say that his poetry, with all the limitations it has, is wonderful! It makes the readers think and the poet is surely successful in getting the minds involved in a pondering with himself. Read more

Here We GO - Follow Us!
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Here We GO – Follow Us!

Find me a person (different than the animals who don’t read) who does not like reading and I will find you the pot of gold which lies at the point where the rainbow touches the earth! And you will say me if I am mad and I will tell you the same – anyone who has senses working fine will surely love reading and maybe their love for reading is not like us because we don’t only read, we read a lot and we share what we read with the readers across the world! We read across the genres and we never tire ourselves reading and that’s why the collective effort by us is named as Intellectual Reader! Read more