When simple stories give you big inspiration – Dr Prathima pens Insignificant Me

Many readers have written favourable reviews for the book Insignificant Me by Dr Prathima on various platforms including Amazon and Goodreads. Favourable reviews don’t mean that the book is the best in the segment. However, it does mean that readers have liked the book for many reasons and they have done so in good numbers. And to be precise, Dr Prathima’s writing style is simple yet compelling enough to keep the readers engaged in the content. Written in the form of short stories, Insignificant Me voices the concerns that we have to deal with in our daily lives. Sometimes in the doctors’ chambers and sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes as a son and sometimes as a daughter in law, sometimes as a learner and sometimes as a teacher, sometimes as a sincere person wanting to learn something new and sometimes as a rebel offering out of the box ideas… Insignificant Me offers various dimensions of life packed in one book.


Dr Prathima with her book Insignificant Me


On the journey to writing this book, Dr Prathima, a practising Dermatologist, shares an interesting story. She used to write ‘complaint letters’ to her husband… explaining and writing about things in general. Now, she adds:

“Now as I mature, it’s everyday incidents that inspire me to write. I try to cover various topics wrapped in a different emotional states. It gives me the joy to explore the various questions that come up in everyday life.”

And the book is like that only. There is nothing of that sort – a book with this theme or that. Insignificant Me stands as a compilation of writings from general life that cover various topics, explore various themes and tell different tales. Dr Prathima has tried to prepare a coat with her words that every reader can wear. She has written something that will inspire someone who is preparing for any goal in life. She has also featured the saas-bahu episodes that will inspire both parties to be good to each other. And she does all these in a very lucid, simple and yet entertaining manner as she puts entertainment as a prominent ingredient in her writing. She tells:

“The purpose of my writing is to inspire, educate and take readers into the world of imagination.”

And it apparently reflects in her writing. She tries to keep her readers in close vicinity of whatever is happening in her imaginative world. Whether she writes about complicated philosophies of life or simple conversations about life as a daughter-in-law, she always ensures that readers get a good view of things from various angles and find themselves connected.

Insignificant Me has come as an important phase in the writing career of Dr Prathima and she is very pleased with the response she got from her readers. She hopes to produce more literary works in the near future.


by V Jha for Intellectual Reader

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