Meet Ramachandran Rajasekharan – a poet who observes the world around him & composes poetry that reflects all of us

The title of this article might not seem extraordinary. Any poet does the same. Isn’t it? Observing the world around oneself and then writing about it is the job of a poet. However, there are certain things that make our poet of interest, Ramachandran Rajasekharan, a different kind of poet. Many readers will notice such differences very easily as they start reading the poems by Ramachandran Rajasekharan, either in his debut book Dewdrop and Raindrops or on any of the websites the poet writes for. In this article, nonetheless, I will try to bring a few qualities of the poet to the fore so that the readers who haven’t read him yet can make up their minds and give his works a read.
A poet utilises the world around him. Good poet banks on his experiences and shares the same in universal colours so that anyone will be able to find his reflection in those expressions. Mr Rajasekharan is a poet with an abundance of experience living his life. However, he did not start writing poetry early in his life and we can say it safely that he is new to the world of poetry writing. However, he does understand what poetry means to him and is very clear about it. When asked what does poetry mean to him, he answers:
“Poetry to me is a passion for sharing simple joys, shadows of darkness, and testing moments in life that flashes in my mind in a simple manner that could be related to, all types of readers. These are based on my observations of life and the world at large around.” 
R Rajasekharan is a poet who believes in using simple words to convey his complex, simple, moderate or otherwise ideas. He does not believe in perplexing his readers with sublime metaphors or ironies that become irony itself. He writes about simple things around. He makes the readers journey through the thick and thin of life, highs and lows of emotions, apex and the ground of courage, fear and joy, wisdom and foolishness, acts of kindness and deeds of a beast… he has something for everyone and words for every possible idea that comes to a poet’s mind. In his debut collection of fifty poems, he has spoken for the common beings, their ambitions and aims, their successes and failures, their emotions and intellect.
The poet writes about nature as well. And he does it in a fashion that most will admire definitely. The poet has given nature a paramount place as the theme of many of his poems in his very debut collection. He appreciates nature in the simplest, as well as in the most magnificent, form of it.

Oh, friends, how we
miss the glory
of nature
beyond measure

Reading poets like these, experienced and yet simple, complex in emotions but simple in expression, myriad ideas loaded in the words so simple and easy to understand even for a child with moderate language training… it is always joyful to see such works by such poets. However, certainly, I would love to see vividity as the poet marches ahead with more books and more poems. You can read and find for yourself what qualities the debut work of this poet brings to the world of poetry lovers.
Written by Chitra for Intellectual Reader

1 Comment Meet Ramachandran Rajasekharan – a poet who observes the world around him & composes poetry that reflects all of us

  1. Venu Nallur

    Simple joys and sorrows based on life”,s experiences and observations of the beauty of Nature when expressed in words make for touching poetry
    as Sh Rajasekharan has done by sharing his feelings with readers


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