Mythology genre is here to stay – Seema Seth, the author of Yashoda and Krishna, vouches for themes that readers love

Mythological fiction or novels based on an amalgam of history and mythology have been in the buzz for a few years now. With the rise of novelists like Amish Tripathi, many people have taken up this genre and made themselves famous. With different styles, different approaches to mythology and different interpretations of myth, every author carves something on the wide horizon that mythology offers. Ashwin Sanghi tries to bring parallels to the fore and Amish has his own lens to interpret what was in the past. However, authors who are new to the genre bring many different ideas. A recent book that caught my attention was Seema Seth’s mythological book on the life of Krishna, the famous Hindu God who led Arjuna and Pandavas to the victory in the famous war of Mahabharata, known for his aesthetic appeal and dance, popular for being raised by a mother different from the one who brought him into the world… Yashoda and Krishna. And a careful evaluation of Seema Seth’s work will bring many things to light.

“You, only you have spoiled him to no end”, she turns bitter.

“Let’s forget everything, mother, I am hungry”, Krsna wants to cut short the drama, and that eases up the heated environment.

Yasoda gets up to go towards the kitchen, as the men follow suit after her for some sumptuous lunch. 


This is an extract from page 99 of Seema Seth’s mythological fiction book, Yashoda and Krishna. And anyone can easily guess that Seema has tried to present the grand life of Lord Krishna in a simplified, humanised and simple way to the readers so that many can connect to the story of his life… feel closer to the events and understand it better. Reading Bhagwad Gita might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, reading a simplified version of the life of Krishna may be an easy task for everyone. The author believes that mythological fiction is read by readers across all age groups. And she is right. The kind of fiction that is read by everyone is the kind of fiction one would wish to write! About this genre, Seema has to say the following:

“From being juveniles’ bedtime folktales, they have winged to the racks of the adult bibliophiles. The paradigm shift in the audience’s reading preferences has made this particular segment indisputably the most commercially viable venture – a HOT property, so to say. The mythological genre has a vast market globally. And, all being well, it will be here for keeps.”

Seema Seth’s assessment is close to the critic’s opinions. The author has to react to the readers’ demands and it is all fair. Anyone wants to sell more (because that leads to writing more). However, when we talk about style, Seema has a distinct one that might win her more readers. Her approach to the personality of Krishna is different. She has made the grand personality a sweet child who is loved by many and appreciated by all for his actions. Though the book greatly covers Krishna’s childhood, it also emphasises his devoted love for Radha and heart-winning acts with Gopis. The life-like portrayal by the author brings many different sides of Krishna’s personality to the fore. And this is what modern readers appreciate – a protagonist that they can feel for.

“Krsna, who seems to have eavesdropped to the ladies, decides in the heart of hearts that he will win petite Radha’s love one day while continuing to play the music, as the gopis linger on to the melodies.”


Seema’s style is unique because she only adds a dramatic, melodramatic and humane form of conversation to the grand old story of Krishna. She does not alter the original and ancient story too much to fit her narrative. She rather fits her fiction to match the originality of the ancient scriptures. I am sure readers will appreciate her art while appreciating the life of their favourite God Krishna!

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