Who are the authors to read on Sundays? An opinion

I know there are millions of authors in the world and we cannot read everyone even if we want (in a lifetime? impossible). And therefore, there are categories – authors we often read, authors we keep on standby and authors we generally know about but ignore reading them. How do we create those categories? There are no standard rules and it just happens for everyone on the basis of their choices and perception. Nevertheless, here is our list of authors you could love reading on a Sunday, depending upon what kind of a Sunday it is… and that is for you to decide since you live your life! 🙂

Ashwin Sanghi: Ashwin Sanghi is an author who is still not so dominantly popular among youths of the country as popular Chetan Bhagat. There might be a thousand reasons behind that but we know only and that’s the seriousness of Ashwin which keeps him a certain pedestal above Bhagat. Yes, with the treatment of issues and plot, the art of writing and the art of storytelling, in everything that a writer deals with, Ashwin is above Bhagat. However, if you want to experience better writing, better themes and a better overall experience of reading fiction, you should read Ashwin Sanghi next Sunday and you will get what I have been discussing.

Jane Austen: Feeling romantic? Want to experience ‘feelings’ for someone? Want to know why women and men fall in love? However, the novels of Jane Austen will transport you into a world that should be unknown and will take some time in getting accustomed to. Jane Austen has been a novelist whose fame preceded her physical existence on the planet we inhabit and you must read her, at least once in a lifetime if you are not sure of coming again (unless you have promised someone). Jane Austen’s works should keep you busy, excited and absorbed. Brace yourself for a challenging lexicon and longer paragraphs (and chapters).

J Krishnamurti: Jiddu is not an author as we often perceive authors to be. His writings are in the form of questions and answers. Questions are only those we often ask and hence his books are still very relevant and famous as well. If you have questions about life, death, things in between, existential dilemmas and the purpose of life, you are very well suitable to read the works by J Krishnamurti and you will enjoy them. Give a Sunday to the elementary works by J K and you should be in for more, I bet! He makes the philosophy of life interesting and exciting!

Nissim Ezekiel: Who is this guy? Well, this guy we are discussing was one of the leading poets in English from India and his poems will challenge you… entertain and enlighten you. He is, perhaps, the only poet about whom everybody makes almost similar assumptions. Reading Ezekiel will give you an ideal description of the Indian Ethos and how it can help people heal. Ezekiel was a Jew and his ancestors settled in India and he became an Indian. Most of his poems are about India from an outsider’s point of view and how an outsider insider views India as his own… interesting and emotional. Must read.


Written by Vyom for Intellectual Reader

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