Before you publish your book, be open for ideas – opinion

Many authors love to see their works getting published. Is there a debate on this? No! However, do you know any author who would like to work on the manuscript first and then look for ideal publishing options? You may or, in most of the cases, you might. Nevertheless, the number of such authors who would like to work on the manuscript to make it perfect is too low compared to the number of authors who like to publish (at any cost) almost instantly. This is a very common scenario. However, why is it bad? It is bad for upcoming authors because they tend to publish unpolished manuscripts and are on the wrong side in the very first move they make in their writing career. Publish. But, before that, be patient and polish your manuscript. And then, look for better publishing options that are cost-effective as well as impactful in an overall manner. Kindle publication is an ideal tool that offers a free (and beneficial) demo – see your work being received by readers and critics before you decide to publish physically. And this is what I am suggesting today. 

Upcoming authors are on the ‘soft target’ lists of self-publishing companies and they do their best to make the most they can make out of the ambitions of newbies. They offer lucrative deals in publishing, 100% profit sharing, publish on demand, newspaper publishing and many other deals. My one-line advice to all the new authors – do not fall for any of these lucrative looking offers. You can publish your book for free on Amazon Kindle and also keep the dashboard access with yourself only. Any self-publishing company will not offer you direct access to your Amazon dashboard and that’s what you should be getting, ideally. Ask them about it and they will give you 100 reasons but not the access. 

Kindle publication gives you an instant, convenient and beneficial platform to publish, sell and promote your books. If you see any particular title by you generates good traction and can be brought in paperback format for those who might not be able to read it on their digital devices, you can easily find some press or printing houses who can print your book, not publish it. Get your book printed and start selling by yourself rather than offering any publishing house all the access to your script, potential and future of your writing career. Ideally, you should publish your books yourself and spend your hard-earned money on some really good companies providing book marketing services in India (or globally if you are outside India). 

And, in the end, the most important question that one must have in mind when entering into the world of writing – are traditional publishing houses still publishing the works by new authors? Yes and no. They will publish if you are a big-time celebrity, politician, controversial figure or too rich. If you don’t fit any of the profiles above, how much you try, you cannot get published. So, it’s up to you, directly. You can make whatever you want out of your career if you are alert, fully convinced and wise. All the best! 


Opinion piece by Vyom Jha for Intellectual Reader

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