Did you have a look at Amazon bestselling books recently? You will be shocked!

Amazon has become one of the leading global platforms for book lovers today. Many readers from across the globe trust Amazon and its ranking when it comes to choosing books to read for the weekend, for the year-long and for their specific academic or circumstantial requirements. However, did you have a recent look at Amazon bestselling rankings for the books available on the platform? You will be surprised not because they have a very weird list of books on the bestselling charts but also because of how a platform like Amazon can allow such things to happen? How can you find books written by mediocre soft-porn writers above books that are established to be leading ones in their specific genres? Shocking!

Amazon rankings are designed to work in a very convenient way. The books which are selling in good numbers will come at the top and the books which are not selling substantial numbers will be down on the ranking lists. The books which are new and sold in better numbers compared to the books which are old but not selling enough as per their standards will come at the top of the established titles as well. And this is where modern authors are clever, rather shrewd and very much updated in terms of the games that numbers can play. This gives an opportunity for books like ‘Mast Aunty,’ ‘Hot Padosan’ and ‘Patakha Bhabhi’ to outshine the titles by well-established authors… rarely shocking but surprising!

Authors who are producing sensible literature must complain about this bizarre scenario and Amazon, as a responsible platform, must ban such authors from selling their books to Amazon audience. This is just like web-series filth being distributed by the seasoned producers like Ektra Kapoors to the small timers like Ullu and other channels. Books are better when they offer seriousness and gravity. Once authors start selling their sizzling thoughts and wet dreams, the readers are left with muck on their faces… well, arguing for the other side or playing the devil’s advocate, I might argue that authors do have their share of freedom of expression and Amazon is doing a great job in giving a platform to one and everyone… irrespective of their writing prowess and the themes they write about.

It’s up to the readers what they decide to read and what they decide to ignore. Nobody should intervene between them and their reading lists. Nevertheless, a sense of responsibility must prevail and authors must choose wisely because readers do the same thing!


by Vyom for Intellectual Reader

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