Sanjana Kanamarlapudi – a young author for young readers: writer’s introduction

It is understood if legends like Ruskin Bond produce wonderful literature for children. Many other authors are there. Worldwide fame has come to writers like J. K. Rowling only because they wrote books that could be loved by young readers across the globe. And therefore, to mistake children-readers like ‘casual ones’ might be a mistake for us. At the same time, mistaking young authors, in their teens or before that, like casual writers might be the same mistake! Sanjana Kanamarlapudi, an Indian author born in Kuala Lumpur, is only 14 and has already written six books… and her creativity, craft, style, narrative and overall writing impression have only improved with time, book after book…

Sanjana’s writing began with sketches and stories that kids would love, truly fun and based on the author’s imagination that many kids would love reading. However, this writing habit has taken her far and she has produced 3 full-length novels already! The most recent one, The Moon Wolf, is a novel that features a wonderful storyline involving wolves, their struggles, their relationship with humans and a beautiful mythical legend to everything. Starting with Bella Clarke And the Cave of Mysteries, Sanjana Kanamarlapudi’s writing has developed into something that any teenager would love to read, any kid would rejoice reading and all these novels from the latter period can be read as bedside stories to anyone! 

The striking feature of Sanjana’s writing is that she does not intend to keep her readers in dark and gives them all the essential information that they would like to have. It comforts the readers, mostly young, and keeps them in sync with what’s happening in the wonderland of the fiction. The Moon Wolf is a fine example with the prophecy subconscious running with the major storyline and the readers being aware of everything. Sanjana’s awareness as a child is admirable as she exhibits in her novel Back to Earth: Past and Future. She writes about earth’s destruction by humans dipped in their greed and chase for more. Science fiction, with a dystopian touch, will tell children many moral lessons that they will remember for long (and for good).

Sanjana’s writings are fine examples of creativity, a youthful way to learn lessons of life and having fun at the same time. She is in a phase where writers develop their strengths and learn to improve their skills and add new instruments to tell their stories to the audience. You can check out her books on Amazon India and learn more about her writing, offer your young friends better gifts in the form of books they would love and also enjoy her novels if you want! Click the link below to go to Amazon and check out Sanjana’s author’s corner there:

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By Anand S for Intellectual Reader


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