5 Indian Novels you must read – a happy reader’s list

There are many novels and many novelists who remain in our minds for a long time. Inevitably, we tend to share these works and this is what I am going to do in this list. I will be sharing 5 wonderful novels with you that I have read over the year and as the year 2021 is coming to an end, please enjoy these works to give yourself an opportunity to entertain, enlighten and think… yes, these novels go beyond the general purpose of literature that is to entertain people… you will be surprised to know the lengths to which these novelists have extended their works. Are you ready for some wholesome reading experience? Get into the list now!

Gun Island (2019): Amitav Ghos, among a few novelists who are entitled to be called literary geniuses today, has kept on producing, one after another, the works that not only fascinate his readers but also compel them to think in a certain direction. His romance with nature never seems to end. However, in this work, the author has tried to explore the realms beyond his territory and you will find how wonderful the novel becomes. If you are ready for surprises, do read this work ASAP and enjoy a few days of adventure and racy experience. All the best!

The Rozabal Line (2007): A great way to jump into the fictional, adventurous and wonderful world of Ashwin Sanghi’s writings, The Rozabal Line will introduce you to a class of writing by an Indian English novelist who is not only an entertainer but also a serious dealer of tales, themes and plots. Sanghi’s writing is mysterious, instantly gripping and wonderfully done in order to give the readers a complete reading experience. The Rozabal Line is the first novel written by Sanghi and once you read it, you are more than welcome to read others written by him.

The Asht Yogis (2020): Written by a popular Indian writer, Ravi Ranjan Goswami, mostly famous for his Hindi writings, the novel offers a glimpse into the imaginative India where a team of Yogis team up to avert certain adverse situations about to harm the nation. Built around a Siddha Yogi and his disciples, the novel is written in a fantastic manner and it does not take too much time to finish it. A fast-paced thriller experience awaits you as you start reading the novel…

Lal Salaam (2021): Union cabinet minister Smriti Irani’s debut novel has been announced to hit the bookstalls in November end. The novel tells the story of a brave Indian Army officer Vikram Pratap Singh who takes on the enemies of the nation in a fashion that is distinct and unexplored in the world of Indian fiction. The novel’s trailer has set the fire and we expect the novel will be a hit among readers of contemporary Indian fiction. Are you ready for the first of its kind? (Added later)

400 Days (2021): I know many will hate me for including Chetan Bhagat’s novel in this list. However, do remember that any author evolves with time and Chetan has done the same. Yes, you will find a few similar things in this novel as well but you will find certain differences as the author tries to shift his writing from the usual bedroom genre to an investigative team-up. Hope this offers you another side of the famous author.


A list by Samridhi for Intellectual Reader

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