Sudipta Roy impressed me with his out of the box thinking… and you should read his book! Opinion

Who says that Indian English literature does not offer diversity? Who says that Indian English literature has gone mundane? Who believes that emerging, rising and struggling authors cannot produce something out of the box or extraordinary? Well, I am one of them as well and I do believe what are the reasons behind such sweeping… Continue reading

Why don’t I find books by Shivmangal Singh Suman and other Hindi poets on Amazon India?

I was not only astonished but rather confused when I tried to find the books by great Hindi poets like Shivmangal Singh Suman and Nirala, Jaishankar Prasad and Subhadra Kumar Chauhan, Mahadevi Varma and Maithilisharan Gupta and many others. The largest store available online doesn’t seem to have books that millions of book lovers might… Continue reading

Can editorial mishap ruin a book? Yes, even a small mistake!

With the rise of self-publishing models and authors willingly enjoying this new revolution in publishing sector, we, the critics, should be dealing with many occasions that bring to us semi-edited, poorly edited or even unedited manuscripts in spite of ‘several layers of editing’ promised by money-hungry self-publishing companies around the world – and this is… Continue reading

Self-publishing should become transparent and minimum in terms of cost – Alok Mishra (founder – Self-publishing Network)

“Why at all do the publishers need to trap the authors into the web of data, confusions, metrics, updates in 3-6 months network? Self-publishing should be as easy as a b c and d. Also, the authors should be told in exact terms that Kindle publishing will fetch them more opportunities to sell more books… Continue reading

Unnecessary attention to the details might ruin a work of fiction – scrutiny

Modern fiction has been offending many on a regular basis. Religious provocation, ideological sports, cultural cunningness and so on… modern authors know many tricks to trigger the sensitive parts of the body called society and thus, they can manage to sell their works of fiction to many readers who, otherwise, could not have known about… Continue reading