Malini Amaladoss brings a fresh romantic novel script – Retrace Love

Indian readers have accustomed themselves to reading romantic novels more often. Moreover, this is the genre that is allowing many novice novelists to launch themselves with a little or a moderate variation in the theme and plots. However, the crux of the stories, howsoever different, remains the same – a guy and a girl and a love story that has a lot of sensual imagery for the readers to feel entertained. However, there are authors who dare to go beyond the ‘established’ status quo and do things differently. One such name that has recently come to light is Malini Amaladoss – a novelist based in the USA, having her origins in India, who has written her debut work entitled Retrace Love. The title is indeed interesting and it further insinuates the readers.

Malini’s approach to romance writing is different, a few levels up and sensible, if you read then you will find it. She has presented her story in a vivacious manner, and her characters are very much from the common households around us – they laugh, they weep, they feel and think, they fall in love and they fall apart like anyone else from the neighbourhood. However, there is a subtle difference that lets her characters stand out when compared to other novelists and their characters. Malini Amaladoss, as an author, lets her characters develop, move on, mature and reflect upon their lives rather than being rigid and play to the needs of the story’s sensualities. This is what I appreciate in Malini’s writing!

Other than the development of her characters, Malini also excelled in bringing out the aspects of love, relating it to life and adding wonderful flavours to her storyline. She has tried to present a love story that goes beyond the regular practice of romantic novelists in India and abroad. Her artistry (or writing skills) comes out the best when she connects the dots in her storyline – past to present and present to future. Once you begin reading her novel, you will realise that Retrace Love mainly dwells in the past, what happened in the past and some secrets from the past. Any other debut novelist might have confused the plot and given away the story with loose ends. Malini Amaladoss, on the other hand, has covered all the tracks brilliantly and her story has come up in the best possible way to keep the reading interest alive and the readers indulged. Tina, Ray and their past; Neil, Meghna and their confusion, Ray’s wife Kripa and Kripa’s help to Neil and Ray… many things are there to be appreciated.

To sum it up and to sum up Malini Amaladoss as a writer, based on her debut novel only, I can say that she has appeared with a bang! Malini has shown that romantic novels can be written without vulgarity and obscenity as well. Even the description of the physical intimacy is written by Malini in a manner that lets you have the other side of erotic segments – without any unnecessary Shoba De or Chetan Bhagat episodes. So, let’s welcome a new entrant on the horizon of romance novels and keep a track of her progress as she has already announced her second novel – You Complete Me!


Written by Samridhi for Intellectual Reader

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