Sharat Sharma – an author who offers Practical Motivation

Sharat Sharma’s book The One Invisible Code has become a very popular, a bestselling and a widely recommended book among the youngsters who are looking to scale new heights in their career or academic. While many critics have pointed out, already, the book’s practical approach, we have to remember that the author has created the idea and vision, written the script, designed the content and exhibited all these together in the form of a book – and thus, Sharat Sharma, as one of the outstanding debut self-help authors, deserves appreciation and admiration.

In the preface of his book, space where the author talks to his readers and fellow dreamers, Sharat Sharma makes it clear that he wants to make the readers realise their strength, embrace the present situation and then strive for the best to come in the future. The author’s approach is action-centric, not merely theoretical. And this can be traced from the content of the book as well – The One Invisible Code employs a story format so that the readers can learn about the important factors that impact our lives (and thus everything) without being stuffed with too much information and no impact. After the story, the author has used bulleted points, boxed highlights and also, at times, graphics and designs. It does show that the writer has an urgency to share his thoughts and ideas with the readers. And, in the course of his book, he does it.

Sharat’s approach needs to be praised because I have read many authors who mostly fail in exhibiting. They might speak very well and demonstrate some idea impactfully from the stage. However, when it comes to delivering the same impact from that side of the book, as an author to the readers, things become difficult and it might be possible to deal with if you are not prepared well… Sharat, as an author, has certainly shown the same sharpness and style that he often shows while delivering motivational speeches in front of his audience, corporate or general. He has tried his best to connect with the audience before communicating important messages, ideas and vision to them – and, without a doubt, it has certainly done well and that’s why we see so many thankful reviews of the readers on various platforms including Amazon and Goodreads.

When asked why did he write a book, Sharat’s simple answer was that it is a motivational book (or many books) that offers the readers out of the box ideas and not the academic content. While the academic book can get someone an educational degree and qualification, motivational books show them various scenarios and offer them many choices, many inputs and show them the real world outside is competitive, tough and requires a convincing approach from individuals who want to achieve big. The One Invisible Code tries to live up to the same expectations.

It will be interesting to see how Sharat Sharma’s journey as a self-help author develops. However, so far so good has been the case and his debut work has done more than many debutants could do with their books. If you haven’t read the book by Sharat yet, you can do so by getting a copy from Amazon India (or any website you are home to).


By Amit for Intellectual Reader

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