Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Review

Well, the readers must have been waiting for something new from us because it took a long pause. We are also excited to bring to you the review of one of the latest books which has been creating a buzz in the literary world. Today, our reviewer Rajesh will review Indicting Goliath for you all. This is the very first book by Lal Bhatia, a corporate profile by profession. Indicting Goliath is an autobiography which depicts only a portion of Lal Bhatia’s life – the life that he spent in the USA – as a US citizen and a person who has suffered in the hands of the US authorities, namely FBI and Department of Justice. So, Indicting Goliath is a realistic work of literature. You also get to know the evidence on which the book’s major premise is based – was Lal Bhatia guilty?

The book has 278 pages and it is divided into two major parts – Part A and Part B. In Part A, you learn about the foundation of the corruption that author is trying to expose in this book. In the second part, Part B, you get to know about Lal Bhatia’s early life in the USA and then his exceptional abilities for which he received praises and earned credibility. In the second part, you also come to know how was the author indicted wrongfully by the authorities and put into prison without any crime. Not only that, his basic right to being a citizen – the human rights were also snatched from him. Torture, meaningless interrogation and punishment of 10 years (which was actually spent in justifying the arrest only).

SO, Indicting Goliath is a different kind of book which tries to narrate the author’s viewpoint on the episodes that happened in the USA. Readers can certainly take interest in the book as it becomes a person’s lone battle against the entire state – Lal vs the Racket! He hints at a possible one-billion-dollar scam, for which he also provides some proofs, that included some of the high-ranked officials in the FBI, some federal judges and a person named Wig. The entire money laundering scam is linked to BCCI as the author suggests. However, no one in the government, FBI or justice department paid any attention to Lal’s claims. It was only after 10 years that the author was proven right when he was released on the grounds that his ‘reason seems true’. However, one question remains – why was the person behind the bars if now wrong was done by him?

I am sure that this book will be very different but satisfying read for a select group of readers – intellectuals, human rights students and teachers, individuals who care for truth and at last, the proud Indians. They can read the book to know how an INDIAN battled his way to freedom and proved his innocence when the entire system of the crooks was against him… very much a lonely crusader fighting for the truth! Now the questions remain for the USA to answer – why did you detain him?

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Review by Rajesh for Intellectual Reader

Indicting Goliath
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The book will appeal to a certain class of the readers… no doubt! The details are sometimes scary… could it really happen? You may be left only with this question.

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