A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh – Review

Book: A Thousand Seeds of Joy
Author: Ananda Karunesh
Publisher: The Write Place
Year: 2018
Pages: 370
Genre: Spiritual, Self-help, Neo-Religious
Intellectual Rating: 4.5/5

Rigorous reading takes a person to some conclusions which can seldom be drawn of casual reading. However, let us be clear that some books are meant for every kind of readers – the casual ones as well as the critical ones. One such book which is getting very popular these days is Ananda Karunesh’s debut title A Thousand Seeds of Joy. This is something which cannot be labelled as a spiritual or a religious book alone. Undoubtedly, there is a conversation in the book which involves human being and divine beings; however, still, the book does not qualify for any specific genre because it has a multitude of rational, religious, spiritual and even scientific inferences about it. So, what’s a general overview of this book? How would I rate A Thousand Seeds of Joy as an intellectual reader? Let’s see.

“Many human souls who have incarnated in the current soul cycle have evolved in many universes across multiple dimensions before coming to Earth.” (page 166)

Goddess is telling the author the answer to his question in which he asks how many times a soul has to be incarnated before being enlightened. However, with the theory of enlightenment, there is also the theory of science – many universes and many dimensions – something that the contracted religious views don’t agree. So, along with the conversation that involves supreme beings, the book also talks about the modern assumptions showing us that even the supernatural is not so orthodox. Learning religion or learning spirituality does not mean we have to ignore the Scientology.

“Q. Can every soul become a divine being?
Goddess: That is the final destination of all souls.”

A Thousand Seeds of Joy makes it abundantly easy for the readers to understand the supreme truths of human life as well as of the Godly truths. If you ask me whether I believe that the author is talking to Saraswati and Lakshmi Ji or not, I will say I do believe it. Why shouldn’t I believe that? When we feel God everywhere and we believe that God is everywhere, why cannot a person indulge in conversation with them? Moreover, the gravity of the discoures and the arguments put of the Goddesses are not something which can easily be perceived by a common and mere human soul (which is destined to become Divine someday).

Nevertheless, there are also assumptions, by the Goddesses, which might sound ridiculous to a common reader at first. However, after matching these with the ancient texts and our scriptures, I have found them to be near the truth which is certainly enlightening. We have been exposed only to a certain part of religious literature and this book offers us a chance to know the truth first-hand. For this, I thank the author!

This is a book which is certainly for the readers with a religious and spiritual inclination but with preparedness. The readers who are young and don’t know a lot about the basics of Godly realm might find this book a little perplexing. Before you go for it, make sure you are ready to meet with ideas and philosophy which is put in easy terms but with great depth. And indeed, what we need to learn must not be complex!

A Thousand Seeds of Joy is certainly a must-read book which should be enjoyed because, after all, it’s about JOY and BLISS!

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review by Rajesh for Intellectual Reader

A Thousand Seeds of Joy - Review
  • Intellectual Rating


An eye-opener, a make-it-easy in the course of spiritual and religious truth, a must-read for a certain section of readers! However, anyone can read it to learn things in an easy way… read the Goddesses answering the questions of a human being!

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