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If I am born again, Lord Please… this is a collection of poems which are not simply poetic expressions but a moving story in verse… the poet who composed the collection’s poems, Shopone, has tried to put out the story of an old affair – his love with an unnamed girl who used to be his teenage dream and thereafter, a ‘someone’ who gave her ‘something’ for an eternal phase of time and that’s how this collection happened to exist. Mark it, Shopone is the pseudonym of the author as he intends to keep his real name behind the curtain for some reasons. If I am born again, Lord Please… as the title suggests, is about the plea of the poet regarding his life and a wish, if he could be born again…

Lost love or a love one-sided often ends with agony and rarely ends with a realisation that all is but one and nothing and that nothingness procures a sense of completion for the people. This collection of poems is almost the same thing. Shopone writes, through his poems, about his feelings for ‘her’ and how he continued to love her even after she went with someone else (after marriage) and so on… the constant lover in the poet always longed for the sight so pleasant. However, with the passage of time, the poet walks through different phases of life and he learns various new things.

In the synopsis, that can be found in the very beginning of the collection, the poet briefs the readers about the composition of these revealing poems. He tells us that these poems have been composed after he, someday, sees his ‘ex-flame’ and enters into a fanciful world of romance with her once again. In the very romantic world, he seeks to find what he has been seeking for so long now. He tries to find solace by creating his belief systems and subsequently understanding the truths and lies that we live with.

The poems are long. The poems are simple in tone and nature so that the main story can come to the fore rather conveniently. Moreover, the poet has tried his best to let the poems have a symmetry about them and that worked as well. There are seven poems in the collection and all of them are prolonged to contain the story being told – a love story which will be very interesting to read.

So, are you ready for a poetry evening? Are you ready for an evening which is made curious with an anticipation for what’s about to come? Shopone’s collection, If I am born again, Lord Please… will be an amazing read for the readers who love poetry as well as romantic stories. You can get it by visiting the Amazon link below:

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review by Rahul for Intellectual Reader

If I am born again, Lord Please
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The poetry collection is very suitable for a curious evening because the poems tell a love story… a very pleasant piece for the weekend readers of fiction.

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