5 Inspirational Books You Must Read – A List

The world is full of complexities and we add more to it. Sometimes we do it knowingly while we do it unconsciously all the times. Someone has rightly said ‘Life is easy we make it complicated’ and this is true. Especially, in the modern world where we have multiple tasks to complete, we often find ourselves in the turmoil of unseen events that lead us to the state of anxiety, frustration and depression ultimately. At that time, we always wander in search of a ray of hope that can hold our hands and guide us to the path of righteousness, peace and solace. And there can be no better things rather than reading inspirational books that will get the job done in style. And therefore, I have made a list of the best inspirational books that you must read before anything else. So, today we will discuss these books briefly.

  1. How to Stop Worrying and Start Living: This is an evergreen book written by the great inspirational writer of all time, perhaps, Dale Carnegie. This book takes a practical approach to living our life practically and full of enthusiasm rather than worrying for an unnecessary cause. It is a classical saying that worry can make you ill. It affects your thought process. The book will guide you to understand the psychology of worry and how to deal with it in different circumstances. The best lesson you can extract from the book is how to prepare for the worst situations. Think about what worse can happen with you and what possibilities you have to tackle the situation. Your life will be easy after doing this step and you will be able to live your life worry-free. It is the best book to teach you some pragmatic lessons about how to live your life worry-free.
  2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change: This is just an outstanding book written by Stephen R. Covey. It justifies the classical saying that you first make your habits and then habits will make you. It has talked about 7 habits that you must follow to live a successful life. It will help you to build a strong professional and personal character. The ideas in the book are character and principle centric and how it can help you to build a strong mechanism in your life. Though the book is a little bit business-centric still you can extract the best out of it from this treasure of thoughts.
  3. Freedom from the Known: It is an interesting book written by an Indian author J. Krishnamurti. It is a different book than the other inspirational books. The author has written it in a way that can let you realise the ambit of your freedom and strike your mind to think again whether you are free or not. The worldly desires and emotions have trapped us in a golden rope that we never want to cut. It teaches us many things from knowing our true self to understanding the process of life. It teaches us how to be free from emotions and expectations that lead us to unwanted frustration and break down. The talks in the book might be difficult to be followed in real life but when you will go deep in the philosophy of it you will understand it worth. The book has been rated highly by many leading Indian book review sites and you will find out why.
  4. Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy: It is a wonderful book written by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. He is well known for his mysticism and inspirational talks. In this book, he has talked on several thinks from yogi’s life to the story of valour and courage he has faced in his life while travelling to the whole of India. It will inspire you from the core of your heart and tell you the universal truth that is way easier to seek than the western philosophy. The wisdom of Sadhguru is profound and engaging the book offers a time tested path to attain peace and mental well being.
  5. Think and Grow Rich: It is a classic inspirational book by the celebrated author of all time Napoleon Hill. The book follows the classic rules ‘Which bridge is to cross and which is to burn’ and tells us which step is to take and which is to avoid. It helps you to build your confidence level and ignites a spark deep within you hear to become a wealthy and healthy person. It follows the fundamental principle of believing in yourself. It follows four simple steps, desire, believe, act and persist.


I hope that these books will make you feel comfortable as well as add some new vigour to the overall impression of life that you make in your mind. I strongly recommend reading these books when you are free. You can get the Kindle or the paperback editions of these books from Amazon or any other platform.


Article by a contributor to Intellectual Reader

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