USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist? by Amit Bagaria – Review

What do you think about the word USAma? Does it sound like a combination of USA and Osama? Yes, you are on the right track if you think the same. Amit Bagaria has hinted at a pun, intentionally, Osama Bin Laden, who has been killed in the ambush of the USA after collapsing the world trade centre and the very eliminators of him – CIA (the USA, indirectly). It is the USA who provides safeguards to its allies and enemies from terror attacks or activities by an intrusion into the security loophole. There is an apparent duality in the behaviour of the USA. This is why Amit Bagaria in USAma: Is USA the World’s largest Terrorist? has tried to reveal the very motive of the USA with some facts, data, numbers and his precise inputs on various fronts that will let the readers know the hidden side of the USA’s otherwise universal stance.

Although, the cover may deceive you as it shows the USA military is aiming at a Muslim Family, which is a false portrayal for certain purposes. Therefore, as you move ahead while reading the book, you come to know the truths in pieces soon. The unconsolidated military and intelligence intrusion into the security of allies and enemy nations is a game that America has been playing for centuries (at least 3). Bagaria has dared to venture into writing this non-fiction which is very thought-provoking and, frankly, a challenging task – to speak against the USA directly. And for the better of this book and its powerful content, the language used in the book is very simple and communicable that could connect the maximum. The book USAma: Is USA the World’s largest Terrorist? has talked about the agencies and the organizations like NGOs which cater the confidential information to the USA. The author with his intellectual craftsmanship has unfolded the true identity, but, there is a lack of authentic references in support of his accusations. Though here and there, he cites data and facts from secondary sources, he did never reveal the list or even throw a rare beam of the light on the sources. This may betray the authenticity of the facts for the readers who rather believe in believing the facts that the USA can easily manipulate according to its own needs and hours.

Most importantly, the readers who are interested in international relationships and world politics are in the right direction if they choose to read this wonderful book (with its qualities and flaws). It can help them to hypothesize and forming assumptions about the ties between the nations.

USAma: Is USA the World’s largest Terrorist? is a nice attempt to expose the USA, as it claims to save the world, spreading terrorism otherwise. Everyone should read the book very attentively so that you can understand the motive of the author. You can buy the book from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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Review by Ravi for Intellectual Reader

USAma (2nd Edition): Is USA the World's Largest Terrorist?

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Choice of Subject


Narrative & Language


Sources and Citations


Reading Interest


Non-fiction Strength (IT) Score



  • Daring & frank narrative throughout the book
  • Bold choice of theme
  • Factual (citations missing) breakdown of hypothesis on the basis of facts


  • Missing citations or references
  • Too contracted a theme to be read by general readers

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