Why Ashwin Sanghi is a bestselling novelist? Author Insights

The novels by Ashwin Sanghi have all been popular and bestsellers. He has turned the book market in India to the lanes of historical and mythological mysteries presented for the readers of the day in a way he wants them to read. This persuasion comes in Ashwin Sanghi with a confidence that he has in his writing. So, what makes Ashwin Sanghi a popular and successful author? What does he add to his fiction to make it wanted? What is his art? 

The major advantage of Ashwin is that he keeps his novels straight to the point without much ado. He does not keep his readers in any kind of confusion about the genre. For example, many authors wish to implement a multi-genre novel. However, these attempts generally tend to fail because we can seldom pull off something which has many ends and many beginnings. Christopher Nolan’s movies are rare and The Inception was the rarest of the rare. 

Another thing that I like about Ashwin Sanghi is his ability to persuade his readers. He can tell you that the Sun is out there in the night and he will prove it with his splendid narrative. He is a master in creating word-paintings and he does it every time he writes a book. Right from The Rozabal Line to Vault of Vishnu, he has been doing it every time. He gets his narrative right and he makes his readers love what he does. And that is one of the reasons that leading Indian book review websites love reviewing his books as they are launched. 

One more element that I find worth noting down in the works of Ashwin Sanghi is that he tries to connect his imagination and manipulate the historical and mythological instances in such a way that these episodes can resonate with the youths’ mindset. Once this happens, the books automatically become wonderful as there is nothing to be done from the author’s end. The book will speak for itself and the readers will speak for the book. And being frank, Ashwin Sanghi has done tremendous compared to other authors who are famous now. He did not confine his talent to soothe the youths with sexual fantasies. He writes interesting things and he tries to offer his readers stories and plots rather than page numbers with sexual content that can be shared widely among teenagers and youths so that the demand for the book rises. 

Also, there may be many reasons to believe that Ashwin Sanghi has been manipulating historical and religious facts to an extent that is too much. Critically inquiring, this might also be a reason for his books to be popular. Who does not like a piece of controversy? Everyone does! And for many other reasons that you can find, Sanghi’s books are famous and his style of literature has become the benchmark for many aspiring authors who want to reach to their readers with their books. Though Sanghi’s style of presenting his ideas may be debated, his books are popular and this cannot be debated. Today, when the world is mad for fame, a writer can do a little to make his works popular and there is nothing bad in that. You should try reading some of his books and you will find out your reasons to like him or skip him. 

Written by a contributor to Intellectual Reader 

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