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With many people trying their skills at writing, the choice for publishers has really limited and the same stands true for the writers as well. It’s a fundamental rule in the publishing industry that no one takes care of the newcomers and they have to do it by themselves. Publish your book, prove your mettle and you are in or just remain outside. In that case, the art of self-publishing a book comes at play. Though it is difficult for the newcomers to play in this field, self-publishing a book can certainly give the impetus an author with talent needs. However, there is certainly very limited space on the internet where first-time authors can learn, discuss and talk about self-publishing. One such fine and the excellent website is Self-publishing Network!

This network is all about self-publication and learning the art of sustaining in this competitive market of writing. Yes, writing has become an industry and authors gamble on their creativity and the art of storytelling. If your art is better, you can make more money and if your art is mediocre, you can still make money if you know the skills of marketing a book and brand yourself as an author. After self-publishing, it’s about the book promotions ideas that work!

How does the Self-publishing Network help authors?
As the name itself suggests, Self-publishing Network is a community that helps authors who want to self-publish their works. However, it does not only help with the publication but also ensures that the authors have to spend the least possible cost for the best possible services. They also help with marketing and promoting books. As an author, you can get many services like editing, proofreading, cover designing and finally publication and book promotion as well. So, in short, the network of self-publishing community provides a to z for self-publishing enthusiasts.

How can I know more about this network? Can I join as an author?
Of course, if you are an author, you can certainly join this network and start your career as an author. The network will guide you in publishing your books and also assist you with promoting and selling. You can join it here:
Self-publishing Network

If you are a professional who wants to provide services for authors like editing, proofreading and ghostwriting etc, you can also join this community and get attractive offers. This, this new-found community is a hybrid platform on the internet that connects the needy with the providers of those needs.

by Shubham for Intellectual Reader

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