SHE by Dr Sarika Jain – Book Review

Book: SHE: a message for those who belittle girls
Author: Sarika Jain
Published by: Blue Rose Publishers
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Amazon Kindle
Genre: Non-fiction, feminism
Reviewed by: Gautam
Rating: 4/5 stars

There are many books on feminist values and women issues in the market already. However, not many of them are like SHE, the debut work by Dr Sarika Jain. SHE is a book that is not only based on facts and true stories of inspiration but the ideas propagated by the author are also noteworthy and very much in synchronisation with the modern thinking of modern people. Real issues, real problems, real instances when women and girls stood against discrimination and other obstacles on their way and fought to victory and also real ideas that look like possible solutions to the problems our society suffers today – this is what makes SHE an amazing book for women, young girls and also men who want to understand women and their ambitions and expectations.

“Humble roots cannot decide an individual’s destiny, determination, grit, and hard work like Aanchal Gangwal, a girl from Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch district, comes across as the perfect example of this adage,…
The 24-year-old daughter of a tea-seller got selected in the flying branch of the Indian Air Force (IAF). What makes her achievement more special is that she was among the 22 selected from all over the country, and the only one from Madhya Pradesh, after successfully passing the Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT).”

Now this will certainly be motivation enough for the girls who are ambitious and not afraid of taking on obstacles thrown their way. This is certainly one thing that I like in the writing of Dr Sarika Jain. She gives space to the problems and analyses those. Nevertheless, she also gives equal space to the exemplary achievements in the context of that particular problem and makes sure that the magnanimity of problems doesn’t take a toll on the readers. Because problems are not magnanimous!

The issues of discrimination against women, inequality, restrain, problems of education, ill-treatment by in-laws, dowry, and many others have been discussed by Sarika in her book. SHE is certainly a powerful message for those who think that women are for household works, to remain within the boundaries of four walls and to bear the hierarchy of man-made society. However, the author has different ideas for such men!

In simple language, Dr Sarika has ensured that her message, her ideas and her opinions reach to her readers effectively. She has approached the problems with an open mind and brings out the root causes in most of the issues. She also suggests her ideas on how could we improve the thinking of our society so that the problems based on mere perception can be eliminated rather sooner and effectively.

It’s interesting! Though the genre is non-fiction, the readers won’t have any trouble reading this 257-page book! You can get a copy from Amazon and read the book to find for yourself why many readers are reading and praising the book. Get a copy from the link below:

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A feminist work that uncovers the curtain from harsh realities of our society and also shows the way forward… kudos to the author for her debut but impressive attempt.

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