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Find me a person (different than the animals who don’t read) who does not like reading and I will find you the pot of gold which lies at the point where the rainbow touches the earth! And you will say me if I am mad and I will tell you the same – anyone who has senses working fine will surely love reading and maybe their love for reading is not like us because we don’t only read, we read a lot and we share what we read with the readers across the world! We read across the genres and we never tire ourselves reading and that’s why the collective effort by us is named as Intellectual Reader!

What do we do?

We read books and books mean novels, short stories, poetry, nonfiction, short fictions, plays, absurdity, romance, erotica and what not. However, our reading does not mean that we like the book if we read. We have certain parameters on which we try to measure a book and then only we see whether we shall like it or not. We look for the values in any book which are above the ‘bookish’ length and breadth; we look for the vision of the author other than the capricious enjoyment which a book provides; we watch for the facts which make a book relevant other than the fictional dimensions and many other things are on the list which we do. Our readings are, unlike most other people’s, deep and meaningful and purposeful. And so, if you are an author who is looking for a review on Intellectual Reader, please keep in mind that we don’t offer our endorsements for any book just because the authors pay a reading fee! We analyse and then only we offer our views and hence a book review is produced on Intellectual Reader!

How often we do what we do?

We keep reading… as the members of Intellectual Reader are doing different kinds of work other than reading, we use all our leisure and holidays for this purpose. Weekends are our reading havens and so are the public holidays and a few hours of the night. You will see reviews on our website being posted maybe daily or maybe on a weekly basis but they will keep coming once they begin. After reading a lot, we have finally decided to do this for the public. We had enough of discussions within the boundaries of the four wall and now we are in the wide-open fraternity of book readers and book lovers and book critics and top Indian book bloggers. Our blog will surely fascinate you once you become accustomed to it.

Do we accept books for reviews?

Of course, we do! We love the books which authors send to us from different parts of the world for reviews and review them asap. Yes, we do charge a small reading fee from the authors who want their books reviewed on our website. That is, just, in lieu of time that we dedicate and the priority that we offer to a certain book!

And at last, many thanks for giving this post a read! Now, you will see only book reviews, news about literature, literary opinions and other things related to authors and books – book previews, author interviews, introduction to the authors and many other things. Keep following as we move ahead! Happy reading!

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