The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems – review

Abhishek Goswami’s debut collection of poems, The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems, is a pleasant poetry collection which offers mixed themes and various ways of expression to the readers and ensures that their interest in poetry gets a respite for an hour or two hours or a day… to ensure this, Abhishek has mixed his poetry expertise with folklores, songs, ancient tales and also his broad imagination. He writes almost on everything he could in his collection of 35 poems and he reaches the heights of the sky where he sees the lonely hawk hovering and also visits the deserts of life. I have enjoyed reading his collection and I will tell you what are the interesting things you can find in his debut anthology.

The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems is a collection which won’t bore you as most of the collections do with their ‘extreme need of expertise’ on the readers’ end to be able to decipher the poems and enjoy them only then. Abhishek Goswami, on the other hand, has kept his poems simple and sonorous. Yes, he has, on some instances, looked for rhyme and that made his content a little beaten. However, for a common reader, his poetry is still very much near the simple literary offerings which can be enjoyed without any trouble.

The poet has chosen to say what he wants in the simplest of form and in simplest of the words he could. For example:

“Source of life for one and all,
Gives in equal measure, big or small.”

Now, the same thing could have been said by different poets in different ways but that surely might have needed expertise and understanding deep enough in decoding the hypotheses and the metaphors. In The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems, however, you won’t be finding anything confusing or too perplexing in that sense. Abhishek has kept things simple and he clearly conveys his ideas.

There is a long poem in the book entitled The Blue Book which has been written in five parts. Other poems are rather short and crisp and the poet conveys his ideas the readers through his lines in a straightforward manner. Abhishek has written about human beings, our life, our struggles in the cosmic world as well as in the spiritual realm… His poems also become interesting enough when he talks about the ideas which seem unique and sometimes personal too.

In short, the poems by the debut poet have been wonderful to read and rather interesting to be enjoyed. He meets the expectations that you might have from a newcomer in poetry and he has a road ahead to walk! You can get his collection from the Amazon India link below and see which poems communicate with you and in what manner…

Abhishek Goswami’s The Lonely Drummer & Other Poems – Amazon India

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The Lonely Drummer & Other Poems - review
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I will say just this – if you love poetry, you have to read this collection because it offers poetry in various length and breadth!

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