Can editorial mishap ruin a book? Yes, even a small mistake!

With the rise of self-publishing models and authors willingly enjoying this new revolution in publishing sector, we, the critics, should be dealing with many occasions that bring to us semi-edited, poorly edited or even unedited manuscripts in spite of ‘several layers of editing’ promised by money-hungry self-publishing companies around the world – and this is… Continue reading

William Blake and the art of ‘making’ a book happen – from the archives of literature

How many of us know William Blake as a poet? Well, realistically, barring those who are from a literary background, seldom anyone knows the importance that William Blake had added to his existence as a poet. However, the few people who know William Blake must know him as a poet only. Nevertheless, there were many… Continue reading

Unnecessary attention to the details might ruin a work of fiction – scrutiny

Modern fiction has been offending many on a regular basis. Religious provocation, ideological sports, cultural cunningness and so on… modern authors know many tricks to trigger the sensitive parts of the body called society and thus, they can manage to sell their works of fiction to many readers who, otherwise, could not have known about… Continue reading

Fiction from the glory – but a shift that takes glory to glamour and absurdity

Who will not like reading the wonderful story of Ramayana once again? Who won’t admire a recreation of the Arun Govil’s Ramayana with more effects and HD videography? What would be better than seeing Sri Krishna take on Kansa’s death-messengers with intricacies that would be fantastic with modern, state-of-the-art technology used in Bollywood? However, who… Continue reading