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To be frank, The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society is a title that has kept me engaged to the last page without a doubt. There were a few breaking points in between but very few in numbers to be mentioned and highlighted. Otherwise, the novel is a clean and racy track to a conclusion which is fancy… I will detail my book review for this Anand Arungundram Mohan’s Piece below.

I don’t know how have I come across about this book, but reading this book definitely made me feel elated. A fast-paced and wonderfully written title – The World Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society – by Anand Arungundram Mohan offers the freshest new voice in mystery. It’s like a blast of cold, fresh air in this hot summer. The story of this amazing novel first takes you to the battlefield of Kalinga War where Mauryan Emperor Ashoka is dismayed seeing the carnage which the victory entailed. From then on, he swears off violence forever and indulges himself in spreading the religion of peace throughout India. King Ashoka summons nine most genius minds and entrusted them with creating a secret society and guarding advanced knowledge, compiled in the Book of Power, that would be a danger for humanity. With the Book of Power chapter ends and now the readers are seamlessly transported to the present time in the alleys of Hyderabad city, a beautiful city in India.

In Hyderabad, then born the nine children on the same day, in the same apartment building. Surprisingly, there is a precisely one-minute time difference in their birth time. They are sharp, smart and intelligent. Closely connected to each other since childhood with a strong thread of Friendship – which Leela names Nifty Nine. They are best buddies and do everything together. Then on one day, in a strange incident, one of them loses his life. Remaining eight feel dejected, morose and broken, but only for some time. Soon, they are charged up again with new energy and fresh hopes for a unique mission – of bringing their friend to life. Will they be able to do so? Is it possible to bring back a dead an alive? Do they get the Book of Power? How?

All these questions are beautifully answered by Anand Arungundram Mohan. The novel is indeed a fantastic read. It is hard to decide what provides me with the most pleasure in this enjoyable book – King Ashoka’s move for the good of humanity. If the great king can do so why can’t we? Or, the unbreakable bond of friendship the Nifty Nine shares. Because these days, friendship struggles for candidness and receptiveness. Or, the magical tools – like a flying chariot, time travel, communication with aliens, etc – employed by the novelist. These tools give the book a mysterious and amusing tinge.  Or, the enthusiastic voice of the main characters which I adored the most. And these reasons are well enough to make this novel a trendy piece of fiction… that is why many leading Indian book review sites and bloggers are rating this book high. Apart from this, I feel, the storyline has minute flaws, which certainly can be ignored as I said earlier. Overall, this luscious summer read will unquestionably give you creeps and keep you on edge until the last page.

So, are you ready with your decision? I will be rating this with positive energy and my signal for this novel is read it ASAP… this is a perfect one-time read that will certainly compel you to demand the new edition in The Journey series by Anand. I hope the meagre flaws in this novel are taken care of in the next instalment and we get an even better piece of fiction to read. You can get a copy of this novel from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society | Book Review
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The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society by Anand Arungundram Mohan is a novel in the fantasy genre and it draws a mysterious chapter from history, of course, imaginative one, and uses it as a tool to create a world of magic and charming powers in present-day India…

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