India Positive Citizen: Book by Savitha Rao – Review

We read a book, we may like or dislike it, in other words, we form our opinion about it, occasionally we share these opinions with friends or other readers, and then take another book and the cycle continues. However, there are books that, instead of allowing you to form any opinion, pose some tough questions on you. These books are capable to stir your soul and wake you up from the state of mental unawareness or say, conscious denial for some people. India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time by Savitha Rao is one such book that I have read yesterday – yes, began and finished it in one day because it’s like moving through flashes, sparks of inspiration. And trust me, it actually blew my mind away. It is a collection of short stories. Wait a moment! Not short stories, but shocking stories that didn’t let me sleep last night. They kept me entangled in thoughts. Can you guess what are these stories about? Well, you don’t need to push your mind. The title of the book is enough to answer this question. However, these are not even shocking stories. These are the real experiences or ideas that are presented in the form of stories.

If we ask ourselves when did we get away from our family, society, environment, country? I am sure, you won’t get any answer. Modern-day competition, rather technology advancement, has converted us from selfless soul to self-centred competitors, tied in a fixed schedule or routine. We think, see and hear only those things which please our senses and ignore other things, presuming them useless to us. We do not have spare time to think about anything else except our entertainment and enjoyment. We only talk to those people whom we find them useful for us in some or other way. India Positive Citizen is a book that helps get us out from the prison of selfishness and provokes us to move in the direction of betterment, not for self, but of the country and its citizens. It makes us realize our forgotten duties and responsibilities towards the country as a citizen. And yes, the book makes you believe that even small contributions from your side, not only money but anything you can do or offer, matter a lot!

The book is a compilation of 52 stories of India Positive citizen from across India. Each story is like an energy drink, say, Red Bull, give you an extra burst of energy, activate your inactive senses and charge you up with positivity to march ahead on the path of making our society, our country better. Whichever story you choose to read first, it would certainly bring you into action. Because if we want to change, we should take some steps, some actions. Surprisingly or rather just without any surprises, the way you look at these stories matter, there are inspirational stories about kids doing wonderful things to people in the autumn of their lives, old-age couples… everyone in these inspirational chapters is making wonderful change for the betterment of the country, on various levels.
The author has done a wonderful job in collecting these stories to inspire and teach each one of us a lesson that being an observer is not enough, you should be a doer too. Because it is easy to complain, but hard to find a solution. It doesn’t matter how big or small things you do, what matters is your action as a responsible citizen of the country. There is a saying, ‘Be the change, you seek from society’. So, are you ready to be that change?

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India Positive Citizen: Book by Savitha Rao – Review
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India Positive Citizen: Building A Great Nation, one India positive action at a time is a non-fiction book that you must read… without any excuses!

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