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Anita Krishan’s novel Despite Stolen Dreams is a fiction which finds its base on the menace of terrorism and the refuge of affection – two contrary abstract ideas are put against each other and the readers end their reading with a hope that yes, even terrorism can be defeated with love and people can be back to the original form – just being human beings! Garnering praises all over the country, Anita’s novel has two stories to tell the readers. One story is about the person who is hiding from terrorists – Wali Khan, and another story is about the person who is a terrorist – Shakeel. We have two worlds in front of us and we see clearly that the world which has love and harmony and peace provides Wali with a shelter where he can forget all the fears and worries he has and also the tragedies that he had suffered in his homeland of Kashmir. And another world of terrorism has everything but gross, violence, murder, hatred and a senseless sensation around a misguided religious predicament.

Despite Stolen Dreams is out and out a literary fiction and it does not let the grip loosen from the readers even after being a long novel, around 300 pages! This is some serious and top quality writing by Anita Krishan which makes this novel a concrete and pleasant piece of ‘meaningful’ literature. It offers you something while you read it – reading pleasure; it offers you something when you are done reading – literary relief; it also offers you something when you recall the novel 3 days after you finished it – a vision and a belief that truth and honesty and love win the battle whenever they are involved against deceit, lies and hatred.

The life of Wali Khan was troublesome when he settled in Delhi after running away from Kashmir with his family. It takes a little time but he wins some of the best friends and they make his life easier and Wali becomes an integral part of their lives too. His daughter Meher becomes a doctor and she also marries Karan; yes, you got it right – she marries Karan, a Hindu boy! And the conversation with Kashmira, Wali’s best friend, which makes Wali think about this decision, is amazing! Anita Krishan’s careful work in the chapter Blossoms of Love is something which you won’t easily find in Indian English fiction because it needs experience and a vision and also a will to write something meaningful and at the same time doing justice with the writing too! Anita has done it very well!

In the subplot, the dawn of terrorism is dealt with a realistic measure. The progress of terrorism is also an accurate trace by the author. However, the description where Shakeel begins to doubt and question his motifs is surely something once again top class. A clear understanding of human psychology is something you might find in the authors usually; nevertheless, the authority with which Anita has described that phase in Shakeel’s life when he begins loving Shabnam is surely a master-writing! And this is what makes the ending of the novel quite interesting and a poetic justice is delivered to it. Delhi is at stake; India’s pride is at stake; Wali’s life is at stake and also a promise made to someone somewhere distant is at stake…

Despite Stolen Dreams is a MUST read novel for everyone who is interested in reading fiction. This novel will offer your entertainment in the best form and not only this, it has much more to offer! Anita will take you to the different worlds and you will see how does it feel like being in a distant land and then making it the soil you love. Get your copies from Amazon India today and make your reading schedule a little amazing!

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Despite Stolen Dreams - reviewed
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A fiction which every reader should be reading – a modern classic!

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