God, Existence, Truth, Reality & Similarities: non-fiction books you must read in August 2020

What is truth? What is lie? What is, then, a statement? Life is complicated and we understand that asking one question, at times, might lead to another… and so on. Nevertheless, in special hours, we also come across literature that can help us understand or at least further inquire into these eternal questions that intrigue us longer than usual. For example, questions about the existence of God, questions on soul and questions on the ultimate truth have always been there, chiding us and sporting with our inquisitive mind as we cannot reach to a ‘definite’ conclusion about such inquiries. However, there are books that can lead us to a better position from where we can analyse the questions, concerns or dilemmas with more intensity and further widened horizon of understanding. So, without much momentum building, let’s get straight on the list of non-fiction books on serious issues that you can read in August 2020 to spend your time in a better and productive way during these hours of anxiety because of COVID-19 pandemic.

Freedom from the Known: This is a wonderful book written by (or rather compiled collection of talks, lectures and discourse) by Jiddu Krishnamurti, a well-known spiritual leader from India who remained (and still remain) dignified in various parts of the world for his vision, philosophy and guidance. Freedom from the Known is a book that leads you to the thoughts that you might have always been ignoring. It teaches the man to face himself. It teaches readers to acknowledge what we often ignore. Jiddu’s vision is to make the readers aware of the ultimate truth and draw them away from delusional realities that we create ourselves, in our daily lives. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon India in physical or digital format.

The Concept of ‘God’: Well, to be honest, this is more of a scientific inquiry into the very existence of God where you can read all the possible nuances that ‘lead’ to the creation of an idea called God, as the author has tried to convey in this book. Written by emerging author, Vinoth M, who holds an engineering degree, the book explores the idea of God and tries to argue from the side of an unacknowledged seeker in all of us, away of religious domains, without conforming to any ideology. The book will give you many thoughts to begin your inquiry depending upon your reception of the book’s overall idea. Do remember that the book does demand a basic scientific temper and basic knowledge of advanced science from you before you begin reading it. You can get a copy of the book from Amazon India in digital or paperback format.

Parallels: This is a very strange book by V S Sury, an author known for weird writing which unusually attracts the readers because of its content and style. V S Sury’s book, Parallels, seeks to represent the parallels that we can find in the world of wonderful beings, the world we live in, the surrounding around us. He can match a blueprint with a seed… citing the fact that these both are origins of something better and bigger in the future. Likewise, you will find many analogies which will make sense to you and you might never have thought of these things. Parallels is a book that may be interesting for you if you are looking for some serious, out of the box and gripping read. You can get a copy of this book on Amazon India.

Moral Fiber: This is a book by US-based global business leader, Shawn Vij. It is more of a book meant to be read and understood by those who are given to their professional life and the lifestyle that demands a 9-to-5 commitment from them. In short, this book tells the readers that there must not be any growth in the professional domain at the cost of your personal loss… losing the soul for something which is temporal and material does not make any sense. Shawn draws the inspiration for his book from his Buddhist learning and also by the inspirations that he accumulated after coming in frequent contact with His Holiness, The Dalai Lama. You can get this book, Moral Fiber by Shawn Vij, on human values and tips to realising them from Amazon India in print and digital formats.

The Bhagwad Gita: Well, I am talking about Sri Paramhansa Yogananda version which is closer to me if I want to get beyond. I can read Prabhpad version any day for simple meanings and getting a sense of Gita, the summary of wisdom by Bhagwan Krishna. However, to dive deeper and to explore various possible perceptions and understanding the thread of knowledge, I would rather suggest reading the Gita interpretation by well-known yogi, Sri Paramhansa Yogananda Ji and you will understand by yourself why do I suggest so. You can get this from Amazon in two volumes which often sell together.

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