Love reading Urdu shayaris? You will fall in love with Gautam Rajrishi’s works!

Though Gautam Rajrishi has been actively indulging in the field of writing, Hindi-Urdu contemporary literature, his fame as a contemporary shayar shot to fame after the publication of 2020 book, Neela Neela. Neela-Neela is a collection of shayaris and ghazals written in Hindi-Urdu. This is the third book by Gautam and second published collection of his shayaris and ghazals after Paal Le Ik Rog Naadan. Gautam’s works have been praised by the established shayars like Munawwar Rana and Rahat Indori. What is it that makes Gautam’s works praiseworthy? Why does his shayari connect with the youths conveniently? What is it that makes his expressions penetrated the emotional layers of his readers’ hearts?

To understand the works of Gautam Rajrishi, his writing and his creativity, one has to read his latest collection Neela-Neela. This collection has traditional Urdu literature qualities as well as contemporary connect with the readers of the day. His ‘misres’ are loaded with emotions and his verse is guided by the contemporary lexicon that allows Gautam to communicate with his modern readers, young fans and teenage admirers. He uses the words that we use every day. Modern Hindi language is loaded with Arabic, Urdu and Farsi words and not only that, but it is also loaded with common English words that we use every day. And this is why Gautam Rajrishi, as a contemporary shayar, has not shied away from using any word that may connect with his readers.

चौक पर बाइक ने जब देखा नज़र भर कर उधर
कार की खिड़की में इक चुन्नी सँभलती रह गयी

छुप गया बादल की बाँहों में लफ़ंगा चाँद फिर
चाँदनी तारों में तन्हा फिर टहलती रह गयी

In the lines quoted above, you can certainly feel a very concurrent dialogue going on. The poet or the shayar is communicating with his readers who use Bike as commonly as Chandani and who can understand the pathetic fallacy or even the deep layer of imagery where Chand (the Moon) can be called ‘lafanga’ and Bike can watch the beauty of a woman… This is what distinguishes Gautam from many of his peers – and this is also the thing that associates him with readers who love quoting their hearts on Facebook and Instagram…

At the same time, Gautam’s writing is also deep, serious and pinching when he expresses his heart and thoughtful mind about the issues like war, army, soldiers, love, emotions etc. He does not leave any issue untouched; he expresses his thoughts freely but with a layer of poetic beauty that helps him connect with the readers on two layers – thoughts and aesthetics. Shayaris by Gautam are admirable; thoughts that he shares in two-liners and a complete ghazal are considerable. He can make someone instantly emotional with some anguish a lover has; he can make someone instantly patriotic with the brave heart that a daredevil in the Indian army is… his themes encompass humanity with all its follies and glories!

In the contemporary world of Urdu and Hindi literature, Gautam is a name that will keep reverberating for many years to come. He is a serving Indian army officer and this shows we can fight to keep enemies out and we can amuse and lighten our countrymen with art! Wonderful!


By Anand for Intellectual Reader


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